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V. Draw full-page map, outlining with dotted lines the four countries of above chart at time of their worldwide dominion.  Locate the capitals, record the conqueror in each under the capital, together with date.

VI. Difficult Prophecy of the Messiah: 9:24-27.

VII. Daniel’s Prayer: 9:1-19.

1.  With what acts is his prayer accompanied?

2.  With what Old Testament books is he evidently acquainted?

3.  What is the burden of his prayer?

4.  Name the three leading requests.

5.  Name the basis of his plea.

VIII. Three Leading Lessons:

1.  Purpose is stronger than environment.

2.  Prayer avails.

3.  Sterling piety brings elevation.

Illustrate each of these by events in Daniel’s life.



Ezra Page

Nehemiah Page

Haggai Page

Zechariah Page


The study of this book is by chapters.  Commit the names of the chapters.

Chapter I. The First Return Under Zerubbabel:

1.  Who issued the decree?

2.  Name three commands in the decree.

3.  Give the date.

4.  Name number of gold and silver vessels returned.

Chapter II. The Register of Returning Captives:

1.  Give the number.

Chapter III. The Renewal of Worship:

1.  Name four things accomplished in the restoration of worship.

Chapter IV. The Hindrance of Adversaries:

1.  State their request.

2.  State reply of Zerubbabel.

Chapter V. The Help of the Prophets:

Prepare two questions.

Chapter VI. The Dedication of the Temple:

1.  What kings aided?

2.  What prophets helped?

3.  What feast was observed?

Chapter VII. The Second Return Under Ezra:

1.  Give the date.

2.  State the number of returning captives.

3.  State the distance of the journey.

4.  Name length of time consumed in the journey.

5.  Name three things Ezra had prepared his heart to do.

6.  Name the double office of Ezra.

Chapter VIII. At the River Ahava:

Prepare two questions.

Chapter IX.  Prepare a name and two questions.

Chapter X. Prepare a name and two questions.


Pictorial Device: A Broken Wall.

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