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20.  Explain the object lesson of the gourd.

21.  What six things did Jehovah do, as narrated in the book?

22.  In what two ways was Jonah a type of Christ?  See Matt. 12:38-41.

23.  Why must we accept the story as true?

24.  State four leading lessons of the book.


I. Class.

II. Commission: 3:1-9; 7:15.  Analyze, narrate, record.

III. Biographical Description: 1:1; 7:14; 7:10-17.

IV. Title.

V. Historical Place: See Bible Dictionary.  Also 1:1, 2.

VI.  Omit.

VII. Prophecies of Earthly Kingdoms: Chapters 1 and 2.

1.  Draw full-page map, numbering in order and locating the eight cities and countries against which prophecies are uttered.

2.  Name the prophecy common to all.

3.  Prophecies against Israel.

(a) Name three sins. 2:6-8.

(b) Name the class of people to whom the prophetic word is especially directed. 3:11 and 15 and 5:11.

(c) Name three reasons why this people should obey God’s law. 2:10; 2:11; 4:6-11.

(d) Name the punishment prophesied. 5:27.

VIII. None.

IX. Prophecies of Christ’s Kingdom. 9:11-15.  Name four leading predictions therein.  The teacher should mention the three possible interpretations of this prophecy.

X. Striking Phrases:

Find one in each of the third, fourth and sixth chapters.

XI and XII. Omit.

XIII. Questions:

1.  Name five things mentioned in Chapter 4 that God said He had done and yet they had not returned.

2.  What is meant by the expression “cleanness of teeth” in 4:6?

3.  What three parts of their worship did the Lord say He despised in 5:21-23?  Why did He despise them?

4.  What is meant by the expression “flood of Egypt” in 8:8?

5.  What kind of famine is prophesied to come upon them in 8:11 and 12?

6.  How many times does Amos refer to David?

7.  By what four names does Amos describe the Northern Kingdom?

XIV. Items of Special Interest:

Select five.

XV. Individual Finds:

Chapters 1, 2, 6.


I. Class.

II. Commission: Chapter 6.  Analyze carefully.

III. Biography: 1:1; 8:1 and 3; 7:3; 20:2-4; II Chron. 26:22 and 32:32.

IV. Title.

V. Historical Place: 1:1.  Add the lengths of the reigns.

VI. Outline:

1.  Dark Prophecies regarding Earthly Kingdoms. 1 to 35.

2.  History of an Earthly Kingdom. 36 to 39.

3.  Bright Prophecies regarding Christ’s Kingdom. 40 to 66.

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