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1.  Class.

2.  Commission of Prophet.

3.  Biographical Description of Prophet.

4.  Title of Prophet.

5.  Historical Place.

(a) Name of Kingdom.

(b) Names of Kings.

6.  Outline of Contents.

7.  Prophecies of Earthly Kings or Kingdoms.

8.  Prophecies of Christ.

9.  Prophecies of Christ’s Kingdom.

10.  Leading Phrases.

11.  Leading Chapters.

12.  Leading Teachings.

13.  Questions.

14.  Items of Special Interest.

15.  Individual Finds.

EXPLANATION.—­Under No. 1 name whether major or minor.  Under No. 2 secure the points of the commission in references given.  No. 3 is to be gathered from the contents of the prophecy itself.  Under No. 4 work out from the prophet’s life, character or message an appropriate title by which he may be remembered.  Under letter (a) of No. 5 state whether the message is to Israel or Judah.  Under letter (b) name the kings during whose reigns the message was delivered.  Topics 14 and 15 are the same as in the Historical Outline.

NOTES.—­The first prophecy to be taken up, that of Jonah, will be studied by a series of questions.  In the succeeding prophecies the outline will be followed, though not so rigidly as in the case of the Historical Outline.


NOTE.—­The study of this book is by questions.

1.  Draw full-page map, locating Joppa, Nineveh, Tarshish and his native place, Gath-hepher.  See II Kings 14:25.

2.  Name the three commands given to Jonah.

3.  What two things did the sailors do when the storm was severe?

4.  The waking of Jonah recalls what incident in the New Testament?

5.  According to the sailors, what caused the tempest?

6.  What plan was used to find the offender?

7.  What words of Psalm 139 are recalled by Jonah’s attempt to flee from God?

8.  What four things do we know about the boat?

9.  Who suggested the plan for calming the sea?

10.  Name three results of the calm upon the sailors.

11.  Give a name to the second chapter.

12.  In what direction did he pray and why?

13.  What phrase in Psalm 42 did he use in his prayer?

14.  Mention three things named in the book regarding the size of Nineveh.

15.  Name Jonah’s message.

16.  What four things did the king decree?

17.  What quality did Jonah manifest at the repentance of Nineveh?

18.  Name the petition of Jonah’s prayer in Chapter 4.

19.  How did the Lord answer this petition?

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