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(b) Parallel thoughts, joined usually by the connective “and.”  Example, 27:26.

NOTE.—­Select and record one proverb of each of the above kinds.

IV. Leading Kinds:

The proverbs may be largely classified under one of the following topics:  (1) Tongue. (2) Chastity. (3) Society (4) Business. (5) Wisdom. (6) Home. (7) Character. (8) Law.

V. Select and record one proverb under each of the above topics, giving location.

VI. Outline of Contents:

1. 1 to 24.  The Proverbs of Solomon.

2. 25 to 29.  The Proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah copied out.

3. 30.  The Proverbs of Agur.

4. 31.  The Proverbs of King Lemuel.

VII. Number of Solomon’s Proverbs:

1.  How many proverbs did King Solomon write?  See I Kings 4.

2.  Find the number of his proverbs in the book.  Add the number in each chapter, omitting introduction and titles.

VIII. Leading Contents:

1 to 6.  Introduction.

7.  The Way of the Strange Woman.

8.  The Call and the Testimony of Wisdom.

23:29 to 35.  The Effects of Strong Drink.

30:7 to 9.  The Prayer of Agur.

31:10 to 31.  The Description of a Model Woman, Wife, Mother.

IX. The Two Underlying Principles of the Book:

1.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” 1:7.

2.  “A wise man will hear and increase learning.” 1:5.  Both are A.V.  Let teacher and pupil amplify.

X. Four Chief Reasons for the Profitableness of the Proverbs:

1.  They are brief, concise, epigrammatic.

2.  They were born of observation and experience.

3.  They were penned by the wisest man.

4.  They were written by inspiration of God.

XI. Miscellaneous Questions:

1.  Who were Agur, Lemuel, the men of Hezekiah?

2.  Locate the proverbs that forbid one from becoming surety for another.

3.  What modern evil may be spoken against in 11:26?

4.  Give meaning of word wisdom, and why would this topic occupy large space in the book?

5.  Select from Chapter 16 one proverb on divine guidance, one on the worth of self-control, and one on business honesty.

6.  Select the three most helpful proverbs on friendship.

7.  Name eight animals used in illustration, giving references, and give reasons for the author taking so many illustrations from the animal kingdom.

8.  Where might the author have received the thought of 24:19 and 24:20?

9.  Name the lesson for business men in 27:23.

10.  In Chapter 11 mark with the letter “B” the verses whose truth may affect one’s business success.



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