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Pictorial Device.

Originate one, or omit.




V. 1427 B.C. to 1095 B.C., making 332 years.

VI.  The Rule of Thirteen Judges, containing Six Bondages of Israel, and
Their Six Deliverances.

VII. 2:16.

VIII.  An unconquered enemy brings bondage.

IX. 7:20:  “The sword of Jehovah and of Gideon.”

X. 5.

6 to 8.


13 to 16.

Give to each of these (save Chapter 5) the name of the person described therein.

XI.  Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, Samson:  the Six

XII. 1.  Environment counts.

2.  The Lord delivers when His people cry unto Him.

XIII.  No Symbol.  No Type.  No Prophecy.  The work of each judge is analogous to the work of Christ.

XIV. Questions:

1.  Name the three signs by which Gideon was assured of his call.

2.  What was Jephthah’s vow?

3.  Locate the word “Shibboleth”, and narrate the historical event connected therewith.

4.  What was Samson to be and for how long? 13:7.  Read the Numbers chapter connected therewith.

5.  Name and locate Samson’s riddle.

6.  State two reasons that account for the moral degradation of the times. 1:27 to 1:30; 21:35.

7.  Name three things in Chapter 17 that indicate how low the state of religion had fallen.

8.  How many times in the book does the following phrase occur and what is the significance of the statement, “In those days there was no king in Israel”

9.  Name the judges mentioned in the catalogue of the faithful in Hebrews 11.

10.  Name a piece of literature based on any one of the characters, and the author thereof.

QUOTATION.—­“This period has been called the Heroic age of Hebrew history.  It abounds in wild adventure and desperate feats of individual valor.  Personal activity, daring and craft were the qualifications which raised the judges to their title and eminence.  They appear as gallant insurgents, or guerrilla leaders, rather than as grave administrators of justice or the regular authorities of a great kingdom.”  Copy in blank book.

XV. Items of Special Interest.

Select ten.

XVI. Individual Finds.

Chapters 5, 11, 16, 21.


I. Read the book through thoroughly, thoughtfully, and record the length of time required.

II.  Name the eight leading characters.

III.  Name seven interesting facts gleaned from the book.

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