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I. Pictorial Device: Map.

Draw outline map of Palestine.  This includes the Mediterranean shore line, Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.  Locate Jericho and Mount Nebo.  Draw in miniature, opposite Jericho, the Tabernacle and twelve small squares representing the camps of the twelve tribes, three on each side. (See Numbers 2.) Place on map as key thoughts the words “Remember” and “Seven Speeches.”  Make any original addition suggested in the study.

II.  Public Discourse.



V. Ten days of the eleventh month of the fortieth year of the wandering.

VI.  The Last Seven Speeches of Moses: 

1.  A Review of the Wanderings.  Chapters 1 to 4.

2.  Repetition of the Law. 5 to 20.

3.  Blessing and Cursing. 27 and 28.

4.  Covenant. 29 and 30.

5.  Exhortation. 31.

6.  Song. 32.

7.  Blessing. 33.

NOTE.—­Verify these, as well as names of all leading chapters, by glancing over them and noting the correctness of the naming.  This prevents mechanical committal, and fastens the location more firmly.

VII. 5:33.

VIII.  The keeping of the law means life and prosperity.

XI. 8:18:  “It is He that giveth thee power to get wealth.”

32:47:  “It is no vain thing for you:  because it is your life.”

33:25:  “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

X. 5.


XI.  One.

XII. 1.  God’s Guidance in Human History.

2.  God’s Anxiety for Obedience.

XIII. (a) Symbol.  None.

(b) Type.  Moses, prophet, 18:15.  Name five regards in which Christ was like Moses.

(c) Analogy.  None.

(d) Prophecy.  None.

XIV. Questions:

1.  Name ten things commanded to be done with the law. 6:6; 6:7; 6:7; 6:8; 6:9; 17:18, 19; 27:2, 3; 27:4-8; 31:9-13; 31:26.

NOTE.—­Describe the Jewish phylacteries.

2.  Select from Chapter 28 five striking prophecies regarding the Jews.

3.  Note from Christ’s temptation, Matt. 4, how many times Christ quoted Scripture and from what books.

4.  Be prepared to answer questions on Chapters 9 and 10

5.  Prepare five questions on Chapter 34.

XV. Items of Special Interest.

Select five.

XVI. Individual Finds.

Chapters 5, 27, 32.



Joshua Page

Judges Page

Ruth Page


I. Pictorial Device: Map.

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