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10.  What writers of the Bible refer to Job and what is their estimate?

11.  Read Chapter 38 and write out your impressions of it in concise statements, using fifty words.

12.  Give three general reasons why the narrative of Job is to be received as an historical fact.



Exodus Page

Leviticus Page

Deuteronomy Page


I. Pictorial Device.

Originate one, or omit.




V. 1706 B.C. to 1490 B.C., making 216 years.

VI. 1. 1 to 18.  Israel Delivered.

2. 19 to 34.  Israel Taught at Mount Sinai.

3. 35 to 40.  Israel Prepared for Worship.

VII.  Chapter 20.2.

VIII.  God Delivering a Nation.

IX. 12:13:  “And when I see the blood I will pass over you.”


X. 1.  Bondage.


3.  Burning Bush.



14.  Red Sea.


16.  Manna.


25 and 35.  The Tabernacle.


XI.  Select five.

XII. 1.  God gives deliverance to the oppressed.

2.  God assumes authority over the actions of men.

3.  God desires to dwell in the midst of His people.

XIII. (a) Symbol:  1.  Passover Lamb. 1 Cor. 5:7.  Note three or four likenesses between the lamb and Christ.

2.  Manna.  John 6:35.

3.  Rock.  I Cor. 10:4.

4.  Tabernacle.  Hebrews 9:11.  John 1:14, marginal reading.

(b) Type.  None.

(c) Analogy.  None.

(d) Prophecy.  None.


Under No. 5 fail not to compare length of time covered by different books.  Under No. 7 ask pupils to show the appropriateness.  Under No. 9 teacher may require committal of location or not, as is deemed advisable.  Under No. 12 show the truth of these universal lessons through the march of history.  Under No. 13 copy the references, be able to explain their meaning, and to show the likeness between the symbol, the type, and Christ.  In copying this outline work the pupil may or may not omit the names of the fourteen topics, according to the teacher’s judgment.  For the inspection of friends it would be preferable to have the words of these topics repeated with each outline, as in Genesis.  As an aid to concert recitation let the teacher place the topics of the outline upon the blackboard and repeat names and answers together.

XIV. Questions.

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