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abides Within the fleet, nor longer, as I judge, Will rest a mere spectator of the field. 
  So spake Polydamas, whose safe advice
Pleased Hector; from his chariot down he leap’d 905 All arm’d, and in wing’d accents thus replied. 
  Polydamas! here gather all the Chiefs;
I haste into the fight, and my commands Once issued there, incontinent return. 
  He ended, and conspicuous as the height 910
Of some snow-crested mountain, shouting ranged The Trojans and confederates of Troy.  They swift around Polydamas, brave son Of Panthus, at the voice of Hector, ran.  Himself with hasty strides the front, meantime, 915 Of battle roam’d, seeking from rank to rank Asius Hyrtacides, with Asius’ son Adamas, and Deiphobus, and the might Of Helenus, his royal brother bold.  Them neither altogether free from hurt 920 He found, nor living all.  Beneath the sterns Of the Achaian ships some slaughter’d lay By Grecian hands; some stricken by the spear Within the rampart sat, some by the sword.  But leftward of the woful field he found, 925 Ere long, bright Helen’s paramour his band Exhorting to the fight.  Hector approach’d, And him, in fierce displeasure, thus bespake. 
  Curst Paris, specious, fraudulent and lewd! 
Where is Deiphobus, and where the might 930 Of royal Helenus?  Where Adamas Offspring of Asius, and where Asius, son Of Hyrtacus, and where Othryoneus?  Now lofty Ilium from her topmost height Falls headlong, now is thy own ruin sure! 935
  To whom the godlike Paris thus replied. 
Since Hector! thou art pleased with no just cause To censure me, I may decline, perchance, Much more the battle on some future day, For I profess some courage, even I. 940 Witness our constant conflict with the Greeks Here, on this spot, since first led on by thee The host of Troy waged battle at the ships.  But those our friends of whom thou hast inquired Are slain, Deiphobus alone except 945 And royal Helenus, who in the hand Bear each a wound inflicted by the spear, And have retired; but Jove their life preserved.  Come now—­conduct us whither most thine heart Prompts thee, and thou shalt find us ardent all 950 To face like danger; what we can, we will, The best and most determined can no more. 
  So saying, the hero soothed his brother’s mind. 
Then moved they both toward the hottest war Together, where Polydamas the brave, 955 Phalces, Cebriones, Orthaeus fought, Palmys and Polyphoetes, godlike Chief, And Morys and Ascanius, gallant sons Both of Hippotion.  They at Troy arrived From fair Ascania the preceding morn, 960 In recompense for aid[16] by Priam lent Erewhile to Phrygia, and, by Jove impell’d, Now waged the furious battle side by side.  The march of these at once, was as
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