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Of battle ceaseless into every breast. 
All deem’d, at once, war sweeter, than to seek
Their native country through the waves again. 15
Then with loud voice Atrides bade the Greeks
Gird on their armor, and himself his arms
Took radiant.  First around his legs he clasp’d
His shining greaves with silver studs secured,
Then bound his corselet to his bosom, gift 20
Of Cynyras long since;[1] for rumor loud
Had Cyprus reached of an Achaian host
Assembling, destined to the shores of Troy: 
Wherefore, to gratify the King of men,
He made the splendid ornament his own. 25
Ten rods of steel coerulean all around
Embraced it, twelve of gold, twenty of tin;
Six[2] spiry serpents their uplifted heads
Coerulean darted at the wearer’s throat,
Splendor diffusing as the various bow 30
Fix’d by Saturnian Jove in showery clouds,
A sign to mortal men.[3] He slung his sword
Athwart his shoulders; dazzling bright it shone
With gold emboss’d, and silver was the sheath
Suspended graceful in a belt of gold. 35
His massy shield o’ershadowing him whole,
High-wrought and beautiful, he next assumed. 
Ten circles bright of brass around its field
Extensive, circle within circle, ran;
The central boss was black, but hemm’d about 40
With twice ten bosses of resplendent tin. 
There, dreadful ornament! the visage dark
Of Gorgon scowl’d, border’d by Flight and Fear. 
The loop was silver, and a serpent form
Coerulean over all its surface twined, 45
Three heads erecting on one neck, the heads
Together wreath’d into a stately crown. 
His helmet quatre-crested,[4] and with studs
Fast riveted around he to his brows
Adjusted, whence tremendous waved his crest 50
Of mounted hair on high.  Two spears he seized
Ponderous, brass-pointed, and that flash’d to heaven. 
Sounds[5] like clear thunder, by the spouse of Jove
And by Minerva raised to extol the King
Of opulent Mycenae, roll’d around. 55
At once each bade his charioteer his steeds
Hold fast beside the margin of the trench
In orderly array; the foot all arm’d
Rush’d forward, and the clamor of the host
Rose infinite into the dawning skies. 60
First, at the trench, the embattled infantry[6]
Stood ranged; the chariots follow’d close behind;
Dire was the tumult by Saturnian Jove
Excited, and from ether down he shed
Blood-tinctured dews among them, for he meant 65
That day to send full many a warrior bold
To Pluto’s dreary realm, slain premature. 

    Opposite, on the rising-ground, appear’d

The Trojans; them majestic Hector led,
Noble Polydamas, AEneas raised
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