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  It is my prayer to Jove and to all heaven 610
  (Not without hope) that I may hence expel
  These dogs, whom Ilium’s unpropitious fates
  Have wafted hither in their sable barks. 
  But we will also watch this night, ourselves,
  And, arming with the dawn, will at their ships 615
  Give them brisk onset.  Then shall it appear
  If Diomede the brave shall me compel
  Back to our walls, or I, his arms blood-stain’d,
  Torn from his breathless body, bear away. 
  To-morrow, if he dare but to abide 620
  My lance, he shall not want occasion meet
  For show of valor.  But much more I judge
  That the next rising sun shall see him slain
  With no few friends around him.  Would to heaven! 
  I were as sure to ’scape the blight of age 625
  And share their honors with the Gods above,
  As comes the morrow fraught with wo to Greece. 
    So Hector, whom his host with loud acclaim
  All praised.  Then each his sweating steeds released,
  And rein’d them safely at his chariot-side. 630
  And now from Troy provision large they brought,
  Oxen, and sheep, with store of wine and bread,
  And fuel much was gather’d. [16]Next the Gods
  With sacrifice they sought, and from the plain
  Upwafted by the winds the smoke aspired 635
  Savoury, but unacceptable to those
  Above; such hatred in their hearts they bore
  To Priam, to the people of the brave
  Spear-practised Priam, and to sacred Troy. 
    Big with great purposes and proud, they sat, 640
  Not disarray’d, but in fair form disposed
  Of even ranks, and watch’d their numerous fires,
  As when around the clear bright moon, the stars
  Shine in full splendor, and the winds are hush’d,
  The groves, the mountain-tops, the headland-heights 645
  Stand all apparent, not a vapor streaks
  The boundless blue, but ether open’d wide
  All glitters, and the shepherd’s heart is cheer’d;[17]
  So numerous seem’d those fires the bank between
  Of Xanthus, blazing, and the fleet of Greece, 650
  In prospect all of Troy; a thousand fires,
  Each watch’d by fifty warriors seated near. 
  The steeds beside the chariots stood, their corn
  Chewing, and waiting till the golden-throned
  Aurora should restore the light of day. 655




By advice of Nestor, Agamemnon sends Ulysses, Phoenix, and Ajax to the tent of Achilles with proposals of reconciliation.  They execute their commission, but without effect.  Phoenix remains with Achilles; Ulysses and Ajax return.


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