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+Gerhardt Hauptmann+

THE WEAVERS:  Painful presentation of the suffering of the German weavers in the first adjustments of the Industrial Revolution.

In Dickinson’s Chief Contemporary Dramatists; also in
Lewisohn’s translations, Huebsch.

+Winifred N. Hawkridge+

THE FLORIST SHOP:  Rather sentimentalist play of good influences wafted by a young woman as a florist’s clerk; excellent business combines with the influences.

In Harvard Dramatic Club Plays, First Series, Brentano’s.

+Hazelton and Benrimo+

THE YELLOW JACKET:  The conventions of the Chinese theatre, more or less faithfully presented, make a quite comical presentment of an ancient Chinese legend.

Bobbs, Merrill.

+Theresa Helburn+

ENTER THE HERO:  A madly fanciful girl fabricates a romance out of whole cloth, casts a friend as hero, and tells her small world about it.  Even the rough measures the hero has to use to escape do not succeed in curing her of the habit.

In Flying Stage Plays, No. 4, Ahrens; Fifty Contemporary
One-Act Plays
, Stewart and Kidd.

+Perez Hirschbein+

IN THE DARK:  Grim and awful picture of the depths of misery and starvation in a Ghetto basement.  Translated by Goldberg.

In Six Plays of the Yiddish Theatre, First Series:  Luce.

+Hugo von Hofmannsthal+

MADONNA DIANORA:  Fearsome tragedy of the Ring-and-Book sort, beautifully and poignantly presented.

Translated by Harriett Boas, Badger.

+Stanley Houghton+

THE DEAR DEPARTED:  Somewhat precipitate haste for advantage in dividing grandfather’s effects is fittingly rebuked.

In Dramatic Works, vol. i.  French, New York; Constable, London.

THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT:  A mother finds being an “imaginary invalid” excellent for checkmating her daughter’s plans, but inconveniently in the way of her own.


+Laurence Housman+

RETURN OF ALCESTIS:  A modern poetic view of the spirit of
Alcestis returning to Admetus after her sacrifice and rescue. 
Edwin Arlington Robinson has also handled this theme lately.


BIRD IN HAND:  A pedantic old scholar is mysteriously plagued by an illusion of faery, but in time conquers the obsession.


BETHLEHEM:  A nativity play.


THE CHINESE LANTERN:  Pleasantly effective scenes in a Chinese studio.

Sidgwick and Jackson.

+William Dean Howells+


Amusing but somewhat worn farces, several of them introducing the voluble Mrs. Roberts and her family.

+Henrik Ibsen+

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE:  A scientist who insists on making known, and setting to work to remedy, the evils and wrongs of his community has to reckon with the people; compare The Mob, by John Galsworthy.

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