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THE LITTLE MAN:  Brilliant caricature of various national types of tourist, and absurd apotheosis of the Little Man, of no particular nation and of insignificant appearance, who proves quietly capable of doing what the rest discuss.


THE MOB:  The reply of the hysterical and “patrioteering” members of his own class, and of the many-headed rage, to a man who stood against an unjust war.


THE PIGEON:  A discussion of social misfits and mavericks, with, of course, no attempted panacea or solution.



“Jones:  Call this justice?  What about ’im?  ’E got drunk!  ’E took the purse—­’E took the purse, but (in a muffled shout) it’s ’is money got ’im off! Justice!

“The Magistrate:  We will now adjourn for lunch.” (Act II.)

In Plays, First Series, Scribner’s, 1916.

STRIFE:  In the strike the leaders of the men and of the employers are stanch against compromise, but “the strong men with strong convictions are broken.  The second-rate run the world through half-measures and concessions.” (Lewisohn.)


+Louise Ayers Garnett+

MASTER WILL OF STRATFORD:  A pleasant drama of Will Shakespeare’s boyhood.  Compare Landor’s “Citation and Examination of Will Shakespeare for Deer-Stealing.”


+Alice Gerstenberg+

OVERTONES:  While two women are conversing politely, they are attended by their real, unconventional selves, who interrupt to say what the women actually think and mean.  Compare Ninah Wilcox Putnam’s Orthodoxy (Forum, June, 1914, 51:801), in which everyone in church says what he is thinking instead of what is proper and expected.

In Washington Square Plays, Doubleday.

+Giuseppa Giacosa+

THE RIGHTS OF THE SOUL:  Anna is sternly loyal to her husband Paolo, but refuses to submit to his incessant prying into her individuality and questioning of her thoughts and her feelings.

Frank Shay.

THE WAGER:  “Sentimental comedy, poetic and graceful, by one of the greatest contemporary Italian dramatists.”

Barrett H. Clark, translator.  French.

+W.S.  Gilbert+

ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN:  A most absurd parody on Hamlet, wherein a lamentable tragedy written and repented by his uncle the king is unearthed and turned to the sad prince’s undoing.

In Original Plays, Scribner’s.



+William Gillette+

SECRET SERVICE:  A most intense situation in Richmond during the Civil War, ably handled by a quiet and brilliant Northern secret-service man; weakened by a manufactured happy ending.


+Susan Glaspell+

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