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In Plays, First Series, Scribner’s.

+Arnold Bennett+

A GOOD WOMAN:  A farcical triangular plot with particularly good comic characters.

In Polite Farces, Doran.

THE STEPMOTHER:  Satirical presentment of a lady novelist, her efficient secretary, and her stepson, not to mention the doctor downstairs; amusing studies in character.


THE GREAT ADVENTURE:  Good dramatization of the astounding adventures of Priam Farll (from Buried Alive), who attends his own funeral in Westminster Abbey, marries a young and suitable widow with whom his late valet has corresponded through a matrimonial bureau, and meets other amazing situations.


THE TITLE:  A delightful comedy in which several people who have denounced the disgraceful awarding of English titles have a bad time of it with Mrs. Culver, who does not propose to let slip the opportunity of being called “My Lady.”  You can probably guess which side wins in the end.


+Gordon Bottomley+

KING LEAR’S WIFE:  An episode in King Lear’s earlier years, which throws much imaginative light on Goneril’s and Cordelia’s later treatment of their father.  Lear’s wife herself, as we might have guessed, is a pathetic figure.

Constable, London; also in Georgian Poetry, 1913-15.

MIDSUMMER EVE:  Several farm maidservants meet to see their future lovers’ spirits on Midsummer Eve, but see only the “fetch” or double of one of them, foretelling her death.

In King Lear’s Wife and Other Plays, Constable.

+Anna Hempstead Branch+

ROSE OF THE WIND:  A fairy play of the dancing and allurement of bewitched slippers, and of other wonders.

Houghton Mifflin.

+Harold Brighouse+

THE DOORWAY:  A sharp and cruel picture of unsheltered people on a freezing night in London.

Joseph Williams, London.

THE GAME:  A cocksure and triumphant girl meets more than her match in an old peasant woman, the mother of the man she wants to marry.

In Three Lancashire Plays, Samuel French.

HOBSON’S CHOICE:  In which the eldest daughter at Hobson’s plays a winning game against her tyrannous father and superior-feeling sisters, using a quite excellent but disregarded piece.

Constable, London; Doubleday, New York.

MAID OF FRANCE:  An effective play in which Joan of Arc lays aside her old hate for the English soldiers, whom she discovers on French soil again.

Gowans and Gray, Glasgow.


Gowans and Gray.

THE PRICE OF COAL:  Picturing the stoical and terrible resignation to peril of death of old women in the coal regions—­and presenting an unexpected ending.

Gowans and Gray.

+Harold Brock+

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