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Carl Sofus Lumholtz
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the Different Sides of a Knuckle-bone, 278 Tarahumares Playing Quinze, 279 Cross Marking the Track of the Foot-runners, 283 Tarahumares Racing by Torch-light, 285 Making Wagers at a Foot-race, 288 Part of Tarahumare Rattling Belt, 290 Tarahumare Foot-runners, Photographed after the Race, 291 Tarahumare Women Crossing a Stream in Their Race, 293 Fork and Wooden Ball Used in Women’s Game, 294 Stick and Ring Used in Women’s Game, 294 The Coyote, Canis Latrans, 303 Tarahumare Shaman’s Rattles, 313 Rubio, the Shaman, 316 Rubio, the Shaman, and His Wife at Home in Their Cave, 319 Shaman Rubio’s Cave, Seen from the Outside, 320 Rubio, the Shaman, Examining a Man Accused of Sorcery, 324 Trepanned Tarahumare Skull, Female, 328 The Beginning of the Rutuburi and the Yumari Dance, 335 Dancing Yumari, 341 Sacrificing Tesvino after a Yumari Dance, 345 Ready to Begin Eating and Drinking after a Night’s Dancing of Rutuburi, 349 Echinocactus, 357 Hikuli or Peyote, the principal sacred cacti, 358 Dry Hikuli, 359 Shaman’s Notched Stick, 366 Ancient Notched Sticks, 366 Tarahumare Women Dancing Hikuli at Guajochic Station, 369 Mammilaria fissurata, 373 Shaman Rubio and His Company at a Hikuli Feast.  Photographed after a Night’s Singing and Dancing, 376 Tarahumare Medicine Figure, Mexico, 378 Ancient Ritualistic Petrograph, Arizona, 378 Mourning, 380 View from the North across Barranca de San Carlos, near Guachochic, 392 Barranca de San Carlos, in its Upper Part, 395 One of My Companions in Barranca de San Carlos, 397 The Widow Grinding Corn in Her Camp, 399 Bow and Throwing-stick for the Fish-spear, 401 The Amole, a Species of Agave, 402 Tarahumares on the Rio Fuerte Fishing with Their Blankets, 405 Pinus Lumholtzii, 409 Civilised Tarahumare Boy, 417 Juan Ignacio and His Son, Pagan Tarahumares, 419 A Tepehuane Family, 423 Old Log-houses near Nabogame, 424 Tepehuanes from Nabogame, 427 Tepehuane Medicine Lodge near Mesa de Milpillas, 432 A Well-known Tepehuane Shaman, 434 Salvia elegans, var. sonorensis, 438 The Flower-spike of the Amole, 439 Cereus caespitosus, 440 Tubar Man, 442 Tubar Women, 443 Beads of Burnt Clay, from Tubar Tombs, 444 Tepehuane Sling made from Maguey Fibre, 458 Tepehuane Pouch made from Maguey Fibre, 459 Tepehuane Store-house, near Lajas, 461 The Musical Bow of the Tepehuanes of the South, and of the Aztecs, 475 Rattle for Ankle, made from Empty Pods of a Palm, 477 Cora Men and Women from Santa Teresa, 489 Cora Pouch, of Unusual Shape, made of Wool.  Patterns represent Flying Birds and a row of Deer, 492 Cora Indians from Mesa del Nayarit, 501 The Sacred Dancing-place of the Coras, called Towta, the supposed residence of the great Taquat of the East of the same name.  Photographed after the Dancing was over, 517 God’s Eye, made by the Cora Tribe as a Prayer for My Health and Life, 521


PLATES I., II., III., IV.  Pottery from San Diego at end of volume PLATE V. Pottery from San Diego and Casas Grandes at end of volume PLATE VI.  A Tarahumare Beauty facing page 266


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