The Olden Time Series, Vol. 5: Some Strange and Curious Punishments eBook

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Arrest of the dead 86

BACK “dress’d” 63

Banished 10

Books burned 15, 16

Bound and chained 8

Branded with a hot iron 2, 3, 43

Burned 83

CLEFT stick put on tongue 8

Confined at Castle Island 5, 48

EARS cropped 3, 10, 24

Eating one’s own words 67

Executed (of frequent mention).

Fine and imprisonment (of frequent mention).

Gagged and dipped or ducked (of frequent mention).

HUNG in chains 14, 15

IMPRISONMENT for debt 70, 71

In the bilboes 35

In the pillory (of frequent mention).

In the stocks 35

In the stocks on lecture-day 8

“KISSING the Yssrow” 44

LIMITS of the jail 70, 71

PAPER on the breast with the word Cheat 33

Prisoners sold 21, 22, 47, 48, 49

Prosecution against animals 78

SENT back to England 51

Sent to Castle Island to make nails 65

Sewed up in bed-clothes and thrashed 68

TIED neck and heels and thrown into a pond 28

Tied to a gun and whipped 20

Tied to a tree and chastised 81

Tongue bored with a hot iron 20

Tread-mill 71 to 76

Upon the gallows with rope about the neck (of frequent mention).

WHIPPED at the cart’s tail 1, 9

Whipping-post (of frequent mention).


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