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“For neat little excursions into English social life, and that of the best, commend us to the writer of ‘The One Good Guest,’”—­N.Y.  TIMES.

“The story is bright, amusing, full of interest and incident, and the characters are admirably drawn.  Every reader will recognize a friend or acquaintance in some of the people here portrayed.  Every one will wish he could have been a guest at Duckhill Manor, and will hope that the author has more stories to tell.”—­PORTLAND OREGONIAN.


A NOVEL.  By Miss L. Dougall.

Sixth Edition. 12mo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1.00.

“This is one of the strongest as well as most original romances of the year....  The plot is extraordinary....  The close of the story is powerful and natural....  A masterpiece of restrained and legitimate dramatic fiction.”—­LITERARY WORLD.

“To say that ‘Beggars All’ is a remarkable novel is to put the case mildly indeed, for it is one of the most original, discerning, and thoroughly philosophical presentations of character that has appeared in English for many a day....  Emphatically a novel that thoughtful people ought to read ... the perusal of it will by many be reckoned among the intellectual experiences that are not easily forgotten.”—­BOSTON BEACON.

“A story of thrilling interest.”—­HOME JOURNAL.

“A very unusual quality of novel.  It is written with ability; it tells a strong story with elaborate analysis of character and motive ... it is of decided interest and worth reading.”—­COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, N.Y.

“It is more than a story for mere summer reading, but deserves a permanent place among the best works of modern fiction.  The author has struck a vein of originality purely her own....  It is tragic, pathetic, humerous by turns....  Miss Dougall has, in fact, scored a great success.  Her book is artistic, realistic, intensely dramatic—­in fact, one of the novels of the year.”—­BOSTON TRAVELLER.

“‘Beggars-All’ is a noble work of art, but is also something more and something better.  It is a book with a soul in it, and in a sense, therefore, it may be described as an inspired work.  The inspiration of genius may or may not he lacking to it, but the inspiration of a pure and beautiful spirituality pervades it completely ... the characters are truthfully and powerfully drawn, the situations finely imagined, and the story profoundly interesting.”—­CHICAGO TRIBUNE.



A NOVEL.  By the Author of “Miss Molly.”

Crown 8vo, Cloth, $1.00.

“One of the strongest novels for the year....  A book of absorbing and sustained interest, full of those touches of pathos, gusts of passion, and quick glimpses into the very hearts of men and women which are a necessary equipment of any great writer of fiction.”—­STAR.

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