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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 453 pages of information about Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Rome.


I. Geographical Outline of Italy

II.  The Latin Language and People—­Credibility of the Early History

III.  Topography of Rome

IV.  The Roman Constitution

V. The Roman Tenure of Land—­Colonial Government

VI.  The Roman Religion

VII.  The Roman Army and Navy

VIII.  Roman Law.—­Finance

IX.  The public Amusements and private Life of the Romans

X. Geography of the empire at the time of its greatest extent


I. Of the Origin of the Romans

II.  From the building of Rome to the death of Romulus

III.  From the death of Romulus to the death of Numa

IV.  From the death of Numa to the death of Tullus Hostilius

V. From the death of Tullus Hostilius to the death of Ancus Martius

VI.  From the death of Ancus Martius to the death of Taiquinius Priscus

VII.  From the death of Tarquinius Priscus to the death of Servius Tullius

VIII.  From the death of Servius Tullius to the banishment of Tarquinius

IX.  From the banishment of Tarquinius Superbus to the appointment of the
  first Dictator

X. From the Creation of the Dictator to the election of the Tribunes

XI.  From the Creation of the Tribunes to the appointment of the Decemviri,

Section 1.—­The great Volscian war

 ——­ 2.—­Civil commotions on account of the Agrarian law

XII.  From the creation of the Decemviri to the destruction of the city
  by the Gauls, viz.

Section 1.—­Tyranny of the Decemviri

 ——­ 2.—­Crimes of Appius—­Revolt of the army

 ——­ 3.—­Election of Military Tribunes—­Creation of the

 ——­ 4.—­Siege and capture of Veii—­Invasion of the Gauls

 ——­ 5.—­Deliverance of Rome from the Gauls

XIII.  From the wars with the Samnites to the First Punic war, viz.

Section 1.—­The Latin war

 ——­ 2.—­Invasion of Italy by Pyrrhus, king of Epirus

 ——­ 3.—­Defeat and departure of Pyrrhus

XIV.  From the beginning of the First Punic war to the beginning of the
  Second, viz.

Section 1.—­Causes and commencement of the war—­Invasion of Africa by

 ——­ 2.—­Death of Regulus—­Final Triumph of the Romans

XV.  The Second Punic war, viz.

Section 1.—­Commencement of the war—­Hannibal’s invasion of Italy

 ——­ 2.—­Victorious career of Hannibal

 ——­ 3.—­Retrieval of the Roman affairs—­Invasion of Africa by
  Scipio—­Conclusion of the war

XVI.  Macedonian, Syrian, Third Punic, and Spanish wars

XVII.  From the Destruction of Carthage to the end of the Sedition of the
  Gracchi, viz.

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