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Fig. 34—­Effects of Laminitis 166
Fig. 35—­Cochran Shoe, Inferior Surface 168
Fig. 36—­Cochran Shoe, Superior Surface 169
Fig. 37—­Hyperplasia of Eight Forefoot Due to Chronic
Quittor 176
Fig. 38—­Chronic Quittor, Left Hind Foot 177
Fig. 39—­Skiagraph of Foot 179
Fig. 40—­Sagital Section of Eight Hock 186
Fig. 41—­Muscles of Right Leg; Front View 187
Fig. 42—­Muscles of Lower Part of Thigh, Leg and Foot 189
Fig. 43—­Right Stifle Joint; Lateral View 190
Fig. 44—­Left Stifle Joint; Medial View 191
Fig. 45—­Left Stifle Joint; Front View 193
Fig. 46—­Oblique Fracture of the Femur 200
Fig. 47—­Fracture of Femur After Six Months’ Treatment 201
Fig. 48—­Aorta and Its Branches Showing Location of
Thrombi 210
Fig. 49—­Thrombosis of the Aorta, Iliacs and Branches 211
Fig. 50—­Chronic Gonitis 218
Fig. 51—­Position Assumed in Gonitis 219
Fig. 52—­Spring-halt 226
Fig. 53—­Lateral View of Tarsus Showing Effects of Tarsitis 228
Fig. 54—­Right Hock Joint 231
Fig. 55—­Spavin 235
Fig. 56—­Bog Spavin 243
Fig. 57—­Thoroughpin 247
Fig. 58—­Fibrosity of Tarsus in Chronic Thoroughpin 248
Fig. 59—­Another View of Case Shown in Fig. 58 249
Fig. 60—­“Capped Hock” 252 Fig. 61—­Chronic Lymphangitis 258 Fig. 62—­Elephantiasis 259


Lameness is a symptom of an ailment or affection and is not to be considered in itself as an anomalous condition.  It is the manifestation of a structural or functional disorder of some part of the locomotory apparatus, characterized by a limping or halting gait.  Therefore, any affection causing a sensation and sign of pain which is increased by the bearing of weight upon the affected member, or by the moving of such a distressed part, results in an irregularity in locomotion, which is known as lameness or claudication.  A halting gait may also be produced by the abnormal development of a member, or by the shortening of the leg occasioned by the loss of a shoe.

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