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Nerves, affections of, 30

Nerve, femoral, paralysis of the, 204

Nerve, obturator, paralysis of the, 206

Nerve, sciatic, paralysis of the, 208

Nerve, (suprascapular) paralysis of the, 75

Non-infectious lymphangitis, 260

Non-infectious bursitis, 28

Neurectomy, Bossi’s double tarsal, 242

Neurectomy, median, 124

Neurectomy, plantar, 124


Oblique fractures, 18

Observing character of gait, 48

Obturator nerve, paralysis of the, 206

Occurrence, general discussion of, 15

Omphalophlebitis, 25

Open carpal joint, 100

Open fetlock joint, 110

Open joint, 67

Open sheath of flexors of phalanges, 124

Open stifle joint, 220

Open tarsal joint, 229

Os corona, 60

Ossification of cartilages of the third phalanx, 155

Ossification of the lateral cartilages, 155

Os innominatum, 196

Os suffraginis, 59

Osteitis, rarefying, 16

Outward luxation of the patella, 215


Palpation, examination by, 43

Paralysis, brachial, 77

Paralysis of the femoral nerve, 204

Paralysis of the hind leg, 204

Paralysis of the obturator nerve, 206

Paralysis of the sciatic nerve, 208

Paralysis of the suprascapular nerve, 75

Paralysis, radial, 77

Paronychia, 170

Passive movements, 47

Pastern proximal interphalangeal joint, inflammation of ligaments of, 129

Patella, 188

Patella, fracture of the, 212

Patella, luxation of the, 213

Patella, outward luxation of the, 215

Patella, upward luxation of the, 214

Patellar disarticulation, fixed, 213

Patellar disarticulation, momentary, 213

Patellar ligaments, 188

Pelvic bones, fractures of the, 196

Pelvic limbs, anatomo-physiological consideration of the, 185

Penetrative wounds, 85

Periarticular ringbone, 122

Peroneus tertius muscle, 193

Phalangeal exostosis, 118

Phalanges, fracture of first and second, 131

Phalanges, open sheath of flexors of, 124

Phalanx, first, 59

Phalanx, second, 60

Phalanx, third, ossification of cartilages of, 155

Plantar ligaments, 190

Plantar neurectomy, 124

Polyarthritis, 25

Postea-spinatus muscle, 65

Principles, diagnostic, 37

Proximal sesamoid bones, inflammation of, 127

Proximal sesamoids, fracture of, 128

Pubiofemoral ligament, 185

Pubis, fracture of the, 197

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