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Fig. 1—­Hoof Testers 53
Fig. 2—­Muscles of Left Thoracic Limb, Lateral View 56
Fig. 3—­Muscles of Left Thoracic Limb, Medial View 57
Fig. 4—­Sagital Section of Digit and Distal Part of
Metacarpus 59
Fig. 5—­Ordinary Type of Heavy Sling 62
Fig. 6—­A Sling Made in Two Parts 63
Fig. 7—­Paralysis of the Suprascapular Nerve of Left
Shoulder 76
Fig. 8—­Radial Paralysis 78
Fig. 9—­Merillat’s Method of Fixing Carpus in Radial
Paralysis 79
Fig. 10—­Contraction of Carpal Flexors, “Knee Sprung” 95
Fig. 11—­Pericarpal Inflammation and Enlargement Due to
Injury 99
Fig. 12—­Hygromatous Condition of the Right Carpus 100
Fig. 13—­Carpal Exostosis in Aged Horse 101
Fig. 14—­Exostosis of Carpus Resultant from Carpitis 102
Fig. 15—­Distal End of Radius, Illustrating Effects of
Carpitis 102
Fig. 16—­Posterior View of Radius, Illustrating Effects of
Splint 108
Fig. 17—­Phalangeal Exosteses 120 Fig. 18—­Rarefying Osteitis in Chronic Ringbone 121 Fig. 19—­Phalangeal Exostoses in Chronic Ringbone 122 Fig. 20—­Contraction of Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon
Due to Tendinitis 138
Fig. 21—­Contraction of Deep Flexor Tendon Due to
Tendinitis 139
Fig. 22—­Chronic Case of Contraction of Both Flexor Tendons
of the Phalanges 140
Fig. 23—­Contraction of Superficial and Deep Flexor
Tendons 141
Fig. 24—­Contraction of Superficial Digital Flexor and
Slight Contraction of Deep Flexor Tendon 142
Fig. 25—­“Fish Knees” 145 Fig. 26—­Extreme Dorsal Flexion 146 Fig. 27—­A Good Style of Shoe for Bracing the Fetlock 148 Fig. 28—­The Roberts Brace in Operation 149 Fig. 29—­Distension of Theca of Extensor of the Digit 151 Fig. 30—­Rarefying Osteitis Wherein Articular Cartilage
Was Destroyed 153
Fig. 31—­Ringbone and Sidebone 156
Fig. 32—­Position Assumed by Horse Having Unilateral
Navicular Disease 159
Fig. 33—­The Hoof in Chronic Laminitis 165

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