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If you kill the first snake you see, you’ll kill the first (principal) enemy you have.  That is what they say, but I don’t know whether it is true or not.  And once there was a very bad man who was always doing bad deeds.  And one day he saw a snake in the forest, and ran after it with a great knife in his hand and cut her head off.  And then he said to himself, “Now that I’ve killed the snake, I’ll take the life of my most vindictive (literally, most venomous) enemy.”  And just as he spoke that word he struck his foot against the roots of a tree, and fell down and drove the knife into his own body (liver or heart).  And as he lay dying in the forests, he said to himself, “Yes, I see now that it is true what they told me as to killing a snake; for I never had any worse enemy than I have been to myself, and what comes of killing innocent animals is naught good.”


Yeckorus there was a Rommany chal who was a boro koorin’ mush, a surrelo mush, a boro-wasteni mush, werry toonery an’ hunnalo.  An’ he penned adusta cheiruses that kek geero an’ kek covva ’pre the drumyas couldn’t trasher him.  But yeck divvus, as yuv was jallin’ langs the drum with a waver pal, chunderin’ an’ hookerin’ an’ lunterin’, an’ shorin’ his kokero how he could koor the puro bengis’ selfus, they shooned a guro a-goorin’ an’ googerin’, an’ the first covva they jinned he prastered like divius at ’em, an’ these here geeros prastered apre ye rukk, an’ the boro koorin’ mush that was so flick o’ his wasters chury’d first o’ saw (sar), an’ hatched duri-dirus from the puv pre the limmers.  An’ he beshed adoi an’ dicked ye bullus wusserin’ an’ chongerin’ his trushnees sar aboutus, an’ kellin’ pre lesters covvas, an’ poggerin’ to cutengroes saw he lelled for lesters miraben.  An’ whenever the bavol pudered he was atrash he’d pelt-a-lay ‘pre the shinger-ballos of the gooro (guro).  An’ so they beshed adoi till the sig of the sala, when the mush who dicked a’ter the gruvnis welled a-pirryin’ by an’ dicked these here chals beshin’ like chillicos pre the rukk, an’ patched lengis what they were kairin’ dovo for.  So they pookered him about the bullus, an’ he hankered it avree; an’ they welled alay an’ jalled andurer to the kitchema, for there never was dui mushis in ’covo tem that kaumed a droppi levinor koomi than lender.  But pale dovo divvus that trusheni mush never sookered he couldn’t be a trashni mush no moreus.  Tacho.


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