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I. ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS.—­Furcot’s Six Horse Power Steam Engine.—­With several figures. 6714

      Foot Lathes.—­With engraving. 6715

      Endless Trough Conveyer.—­2 engravings. 6715

      Railroad Grades of Trunk Lines. 6715

      English Express Trains.—­Average speed, long runs, etc. 6715

      Apparatus for Separating Substances Contained in the
      Waste Waters of Paper Mills, etc.—­2 figures. 6717

II.  Technology.—­An English Adaptation of the American Oil
      Mill.—­Description of the apparatus, and of the old and
      new processes.—­Several engravings. 6716

      Large Blue Prints.—­By W.B.  Parsons, Jr. 6717

III.  Electricity, etc.—­Electrical Apparatus for Measuring
      and for Demonstration at the Munich Exhibition.—­With
      descriptions and numerous illustrations of the different
      machines. 6711

      A New Oxide of Copper Battery.—­By F. De Lalande and S.
      Chaperon.—­With description and three illustrations. 6714

IV.  Mathematics, etc.—­To Find the Time of Twilight.—­1 figure. 6720

      A New Rule for Division in Arithmetic. 6725

      Experiments in Binary Arithmetic. 6726

V. Archaeology.—­Grecian Antiquities.—­With engravings of the
      Monument of Philopappus.—­Tomb from the Ceramicus.—­Tower
      of the winds.—­The Acropolis.—­Old Corinth.—­Temple of
      Jupiter.—­The Parthenon.—­Temple of Theseus, etc. 6721

VI.  Natural history, ethnology, etc.—­Poisonous Serpents and
      their Venom.—­By Dr. Archie Stockwell.—­A serpent’s mouth,
      fangs, and poison gland.—­Manner of attack.—­Nature of
      the venom.—­Action of venom.—­Remedies. 6719

      Ethnological Notes.—­Papuans.—­Negritos. 6720

VII.  Horticulture, Botany, etc.—­The Hornbeams.—­Uses to
      which the tree is put.—­Wood for manufactures.—­For
      fuel.—­Different varieties.—­With engravings of the tree
      as a whole, and of its leaves, fruit, flowers, etc. 6724

      Fruit of Camellia Japonica.—­1 engraving. 6725

VIII.  MedicineSanitation, etc.—­House Drainage and Refuse. 
      Abstract of a lecture by Capt.  Douglas Galton.—­Treating
      of the removal of the refuse from camps, small towns, and
      houses.—­Conditions to observe in house drains, etc. 6717

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