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Denis Florence MacCarthy
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 151 pages of information about Poems.


This poem and that entitled the Fountain, with one or two others in blank verse, were intended by the author as portions of a larger poem, in which they may hereafter take their place.


The fresh savannas of the Sangamon Here rise in gentle swells, and the long grass Is mixed with rustling hazels.  Scarlet tufts Are glowing in the green, like flakes of fire.

The Painted Cup, Euchroma Coccinea, or Bartsia Coccinea, grows in great abundance in the hazel prairies of the western states, where its scarlet tufts make a brilliant appearance in the midst of the verdure.  The Sangamon is a beautiful river, tributary to the Illinois, bordered with rich prairies.


  At noon the Hebrew bowed the knee
  And worshipped

Evening and morning, and at noon, will I pray and cry aloud, and he shall hear my voice.—­PSALM LV. 17.


During the stay of Long’s Expedition at Engineer Cantonment, three specimens of a variety of the common deer were brought in, having all the feet white near the hoofs, and extending to those on the hind feet from a little above the spurious hoofs.  This white extremity was divided, upon the sides of the foot, by the general colour of the leg, which extends down near to the hoofs, leaving a white triangle in front, of which the point was elevated rather higher than the spurious hoofs.—­GODMAN’S NATURAL HISTORY, vol. ii. p 314.

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