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Arthur Griffith
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By STEPHEN CONRAD.  With a frontispiece by Ernest Fosbery.

Large 16mo, cloth decorative $1.00

Here is a character as original and witty as “Mr. Dooley” or “the self-made merchant.”  The realm of humorous fiction is now invaded by the stepmother.

“It is an exceptionally clever piece of work.”—­Boston Transcript.

“‘The Second Mrs. Jim’ is worth as many Mrs. Wiggses as could be crowded into the Cabbage Patch.  The racy humor and cheerfulness and wisdom of the book make it wholly delightful.”—­Philadelphia Press.

Mrs. Jim and Mrs. Jimmie
With a frontispiece in colors by Arthur W. Brown.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

This book is in a sense a sequel to “The Second Mrs. Jim,” since it gives further glimpses of that delightful stepmother and her philosophy.

“Plenty of fun and humor in this book.  Plenty of simple pathos and quietly keen depiction of human nature afford contrast, and every chapter is worth reading.  It is a very human account of life in a small country town, and the work should be commended for those sterling qualities of heart and naturalness so endearing to many.”—­Chicago Record-Herald.


The Green Diamond

Library 12mo, cloth decorative, with six illustrations $1.50

“A detective story of unusual ingenuity and intrigue.”—­Brooklyn

The Red Triangle

Being some further chronicles of Martin Hewitt, investigator.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

“Better than Sherlock Holmes.”—­New York Tribune.

“The reader who has a grain of fancy or imagination may be defied to lay this book down, once he has begun it, until the last word has been reached.”—­Philadelphia North American.

* * * * *


The Motor Pirate

Library 12mo, cloth decorative, with frontispiece $1.50

“Its originality, exciting adventures, into which is woven a charming love theme, and its undercurrent of fun furnish a dashing detective story which a motor-mad world will thoroughly enjoy reading.”—­Boston Herald.

The Cruise of the Motor-Boat Conqueror

Being the Further Adventures of the Motor Pirate.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative, with a frontispiece by Frank T. Merrill $1.50

“As a land pirate Mannering was a marvel of resource, but as a sea-going buccaneer he is almost a miracle of devilish ingenuity.  His exploits are wonderful and plausible, for he avails himself of every modern device and applies recent inventions to the accomplishment of all his pet schemes.”—­Chicago Evening Post.

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