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Arthur Griffith
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Library 12mo, cloth, decorative cover $1.50

“When one receives full measure to overflowing of delight in a tender, charming, and wholly fascinating new piece of fiction, the enthusiasm is apt to come uppermost.”—­Louisville Post.

With illustrations by Fanny Y. Cory.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

Here we have the great-hearted, capable woman of the Texas plains dispensing food and genial philosophy to rough-and-ready cowboys.  Her sympathy takes the form of happy laughter, and her delightfully funny phrases amuse the fancy and stick in one’s memory.


Rachel Marr

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

“A novel of tremendous force, with a style that is sure, luxuriant, compelling, full of color and vital force.”—­Elia W. Peattie, in Chicago Tribune.

“In atmosphere, if nothing else, the story is absolutely perfect.”—­Boston Transcript.

Lady Penelope
With nine illustrations by Arthur W. Brown.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

“A fresh and original bit of comedy as amusing as it is audacious.”—­Boston Transcript.

The Idlers
With frontispiece in color by John C. Frohn.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

“In ‘The Idlers’ Mr. Morley Roberts does for the smart set of London what Mrs. Wharton has done in ‘The House of Mirth’ for the American social class of the same name....  It is a powerful novel, a merciless dissection of modern society similar to that which a skilled surgeon would make of a pathological case.”—­The London Literary World.

“It is as absorbing as the devil.  Mr. Roberts gives us the antithesis of ‘Rachel Marr’ in an equally masterful and convincing work.”—­The New York Sun.

“It is a work of great ethical force.”—­Professor Charles G.D.  Roberts.

The Promotion of the Admiral


Library 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated $1.50

“If any one writes better sea stories than Mr. Roberts, we don’t know who it is; and if there is a better sea story of its kind than this it would be a joy to have the pleasure of reading it.”—­New York Sun.

“There is a hearty laugh in everyone of these stories.”—­The Reader.

“To read these stories is a tonic for the mind; the stories are gems, and for pith and vigor of description they are unequalled.”—­N.Y.  Commercial Advertiser.

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The Second Mrs. Jim

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