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Arthur Griffith
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The Prisoner of Mademoiselle
With frontispiece by Frank T. Merrill.

Library 12mo, cloth decorative, gilt top $1.50

A tale of Acadia,—­a land which is the author’s heart’s delight,—­of a valiant young lieutenant and a winsome maiden, who first captures and then captivates.

“This is the kind of a story that makes one grow younger, more innocent, more light-hearted.  Its literary quality is impeccable.  It is not every day that such a heroine blossoms into even temporary existence, and the very name of the story bears a breath of charm.”—­Chicago Record-Herald.

The Heart of the Ancient Wood
With six illustrations by James L. Weston.

Library 12mo, decorative cover $1.50

“One of the most fascinating novels of recent days.”—­Boston Journal.

“A classic twentieth-century romance.”—­New York Commercial Advertiser.

The Forge in the Forest

Being the Narrative of the Acadian Ranger, Jean de Mer, Seigneur de Briart, and how he crossed the Black Abbe, and of his adventures in a strange fellowship.  Illustrated by Henry Sandham, R.C.A.

Library 12mo, cloth, gilt top $1.50

A story of pure love and heroic adventure.

By the Marshes of Minas

Library 12mo, cloth, gilt top, illustrated $1.50

Most of these romances are in the author’s lighter and more playful vein; each is a unit of absorbing interest and exquisite workmanship.

A Sister to Evangeline

Being the Story of Yvonne de Lamourie, and how she went into exile with the villagers of Grand Pre.

Library 12mo, cloth, gilt top, illustrated $1.50

Swift action, fresh atmosphere, wholesome purity, deep passion, and searching analysis characterize this strong novel.

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Carolina Lee
With a frontispiece in color from an oil painting by Dora Wheeler

Library 12mo, cloth, decorative cover $1.50

“A Christian Science novel, full of action, alive with incident and brisk with pithy dialogue and humor.”—­Boston Transcript.

“A charming portrayal of the attractive life of the South, refreshing as a breeze that blows through a pine forest.”—­Albany Times-Union.

Hope Loring
Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill.

Library 12mo, cloth, decorative cover $1.50

“Tall, slender, and athletic, fragile-looking, yet with nerves and sinews of steel under the velvet flesh, frank as a boy and tender and beautiful as a woman, free and independent, yet not bold—­such is ‘Hope Loring,’ by long odds the subtlest study that has yet been made of the American girl.”—­Dorothy Dix, in the New York American.

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