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Arthur Griffith
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Mystery Island.  By EDWARD H. HURST.

Cloth decorative, with a colored frontispiece $1.50

A hunting camp on a swampy island in the Florida Everglades furnishes the background for this present-day tale.

By the murder of one of their number, the secret of egress from the island is lost, and the campers find themselves marooned.

Cut off from civilization, conventional veneer soon wears away.  Love, hate, and revenge spring up, and after the sterner passions have had their sway the man and the woman are left alone to fulfil their own destiny.

While there is much that is unusual in the plot and its development, Mr. Hurst has handled his subject with fine delicacy, and the tale of their love on the beautiful little island is told with deep sympathy and feeling.

The Flying Cloud.  By MORLEY ROBERTS, author of “The
Promotion of the Admiral,” “Rachel Marr,” “The Idlers,” etc.

Cloth decorative, with a colored frontispiece $1.50

Mr. Roberts’s new book is much more than a ripping good sea story such as might be expected from the author of “The Promotion of the Admiral.”  In “The Flying Cloud” the waters and the winds are gods personified.  Their every mood and phase are described in words of telling force.  There is no world but the waste of waters.

Mr. Roberts glories and exults in the mystery, the passion, the strength of the elements, as did the Viking chroniclers of old.  He understands them and loves them and interprets them as no other writer has heretofore done.  The book is too big for conventional phrases.  It needs Mr. Roberts’s own richness of imagery and masterly expression to describe adequately the word-pictures in this epic of wind and waves.

Selections from
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List of Fiction


Each one vol., library 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

The Flight of Georgiana


“A love-story in the highest degree, a dashing story, and a remarkably well finished piece of work.”—­Chicago Record-Herald.

The Bright Face of Danger

Being an account of some adventures of Henri de Launay, son of the Sieur de la Tournoire.  Illustrated by H.C.  Edwards.

“Mr. Stephens has fairly outdone himself.  We thank him heartily.  The story is nothing if not spirited and entertaining, rational and convincing.”—­Boston Transcript.

The Mystery of Murray Davenport (40th thousand.)

“This is easily the best thing that Mr. Stephens has yet done.  Those familiar with his other novels can best judge the measure of this praise, which is generous.”—­Buffalo News.

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