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     (Signed) LALAING,

     Belgium Minister in London.

     No. 40—­Belgium appeals to the powers after the invasion of

     Brussels, Aug. 4, 1914.

Monsieur le Ministre—­The Belgium Government regrets to have to announce to your Excellency that this morning the armed forces of Germany penetrated into Belgian territory, violating the engagements which they have undertaken by treaty.

     The Belgian Government are firmly decided to resist by all means in
     their power.

     Belgium appeals to England, to France, and to Russia to co-operate
     as guarantors in the defense of her territory.

There should be a concerted and common action, having as its object to resist the measures of force employed by Germany against Belgium and at the same time to guarantee the maintenance of the independence and integrity of Belgium for the future.

     Belgium is happy to be able to declare that she will undertake the
     defense of the fortified places.  I am, &c.,

     (Signed) DAVIGNON,

     Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium.

Where is to be found the alleged military convention said to have been concluded in 1906 with England?  Where is the agreement said to have existed since 1906 between the Allies to force war on Germany?  These documents clearly prove that such compact never existed.

The Belgian nation preferred ruin and death to the shameful perjury proposed to her by Germany.  For this reason Germany has devastated and immersed in blood a peaceful little country.  Today she seeks to rob her of honor, her only remaining treasure.

The official documents, the confessions of the German statesmen, the ruins of Louvain, Malines, Aerschot, Termonde, and of so many villages burned and razed to the ground, the blood of her children unjustly massacred are the testimonies which the Belgian people cites before the tribunal of public conscience.  To this tribunal, without fear, the Belgian Nation confides the cause of her honor.

* * * * *


Transmitted to The London Times and Published Oct. 23.

The Times of Oct. 14 reproduces a long article from The North-German Gazette commenting on the discovery in the archives at Brussels of a map entitled “English Intervention in Belgium” and of a memorandum to the Belgian Minister of War which goes to prove that in the month of April, 1906, the Chief of the General Staff, on the suggestion of the British Military Attache and with the approval of Gen. Grierson, had worked out a plan of co-operation between British expeditionary forces and the Belgian Army against Germany in the event of a Franco-German war.  This agreement is assumed to have been preceded in all probability by a similar arrangement with the French General Staff.

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