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Government:  We cannot regard this as in any sense a satisfactory communication.  We have, in reply to it, repeated the request we made last week to the German Government, that they should give us the same assurance in regard to Belgian neutrality as was given to us and to Belgium by France last week.  We have asked that a reply to that request and a satisfactory answer to the telegram of this morning—­which I have read to the House—­should be given before midnight.

* * * * *


Statement by Prime Minister Asquith in House of Commons, Aug. 5.

Mr. Bonar Law—­May I ask the Prime Minister if he has any information he can give us today?

The Prime Minister—­Our Ambassador at Berlin received his passports at 7 o’clock last evening and since 11 o’clock last night a state of war has existed between Germany and ourselves.

We have received from our Minister at Brussels the following telegram: 

     I have just received from Minister for Foreign Affairs [that is the
     Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs] a note of which the following
     is a literal translation: 

“Belgian Government regret to have to inform his Majesty’s Government that this morning armed forces of Germany penetrated into Belgian territory in violation of engagements assumed by treaty.

        Belgian Government are further resolved to resist
        by all means in their power.

        Belgium appeals to Great Britain and France and
        Russia to co-operate, as guarantors in defense of
        her territory.

There would be concerted and common action with the object of resisting the forcible measures employed by Germany against Belgium, and at the same time of guarding the maintenance for future of the independence and integrity of Belgium.

        Belgium is happy to be able to declare that she
        will assume defense of her fortified places.”

We have also received today from the French Ambassador here the following telegram received by the French Government from the French Minister at Brussels: 

The Chef du Cabinet of the Belgian Ministry of War has asked the French Military Attache to prepare at once for the co-operation and contact of French troops with the Belgian Army pending the results of the appeal to the guaranteeing powers now being made.  Orders have, therefore, been given to Belgian Provincial Governors not to regard movements of French troops as a violation of the frontier.

This is all the information I am at the moment able to give to the House, but I take the opportunity of giving notice that tomorrow, in Committee of Supply, I shall move a vote of credit of L100,000,000.

* * * * *

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