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Michael D. Phelan
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“This is, indeed, a very valuable book for the young priest.  It is intended chiefly for those who are going on the foreign mission, and it would be well for them if they would take to heart the sound advice given to them here by a man of wide experience and great success in the missionary field.  The first chapter on the necessity of culture and gentlemanly manners is alone worth the price of the book.  Young priests have probably often heard of the necessity of writing their sermons, but I doubt if they ever had the advantage of having it put before them in such a practical and convincing fashion as that in which it is done by Father Phelan in his third chapter.  The same notes of practical sound sense mark the chapters on ‘Pulpit Oratory’ and on ‘Elocution.’  Altogether, this book should be the Keepsake of every young priest.  It contains many things that will benefit priests, young or old, of every description.  Father Phelan deserves our thanks as well as our congratulations on the success of his work.”—­Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

“A wonderful amount of practically useful advice, the matured fruit of vast missionary experience, seasoned by conscientious study and a fraternal longing to assist the young priest are the most salient features of this inimitably-written volume.  The style is excellent.  In crisp, accurate language every paragraph, every sentence even, tells exactly what the writer wishes to state, and no more. . . .  The book has not appeared an hour too soon. . . .  It is bound to be of immense service to Irish students, especially those preparing for a missionary life in foreign countries. . . .  I take the responsibility of highly recommending Father Phelan’s book to those for whose instruction and efficiency the work has been written.”—­The Author of “Innisfail” in Sydney Freeman’s Journal.

“Father Phelan is a model of the ideas he advocates.  His English is pure without being dull for a moment.  He exemplifies his theories.  If you are a preacher, or wish to be, if you are teaching rhetoric or learning rhetoric, if you are a seminarian or a friend of a seminarian, get this book for yourself or your friend.”—­American Messenger.

“Those who know Father Phelan as a preacher will not require to be told that his book is simple, solid, and practical, and that his method of exposition is lucid, homely, and vigorous.  Purely literary effort has been no aim of the writer, and yet it would be hard to name a recent book which can be read with greater pleasure, for the charm of its style alone.  The expression is cut down to the last necessary word, but every necessary word is there; every idea is expressed simply, but adequately, and with the finish and lustre of the diamond. . . .  It would be interesting to the reader and a pleasure to the writer to quote from Father Phelan’s work some of the many magnificent passages, but the book is so beautifully knit together, ideas follow each other in such logical sequence, that no selection could give an adequate impression of the work.  But with an easy conscience I can recommend every clerical student, every young priest, and for that matter, old priests too, to procure a copy, confident that any reader who takes it up will read it through, as I have done, before laying it down, and feel the better for having done so.”—­ Ibh Maine in The Leader.

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