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{Higelac rewards the brothers.}

          To Eofor and Wulf with wide-lavished treasures,
          To each of them granted a hundred of thousands
[101] 50 In land and rings wrought out of wire: 

{His gifts were beyond cavil.}

          None upon mid-earth needed to twit him[3]
          With the gifts he gave them, when glory they conquered;

{To Eofor he also gives his only daughter in marriage.}

          And to Eofor then gave he his one only daughter,
          The honor of home, as an earnest of favor.
       55 That’s the feud and hatred—­as ween I ’twill happen—­
          The anger of earthmen, that earls of the Swedemen
          Will visit on us, when they hear that our leader
          Lifeless is lying, he who longtime protected
          His hoard and kingdom ’gainst hating assailers,
       60 Who on the fall of the heroes defended of yore
          The deed-mighty Scyldings,[4] did for the troopers
          What best did avail them, and further moreover

{It is time for us to pay the last marks of respect to our lord.}

          Hero-deeds ’complished.  Now is haste most fitting,
          That the lord of liegemen we look upon yonder,
       65 And that one carry on journey to death-pyre
          Who ring-presents gave us.  Not aught of it all
          Shall melt with the brave one—­there’s a mass of bright jewels,
          Gold beyond measure, grewsomely purchased
          And ending it all ornament-rings too
       70 Bought with his life; these fire shall devour,
          Flame shall cover, no earlman shall wear
          A jewel-memento, nor beautiful virgin
          Have on her neck rings to adorn her,
          But wretched in spirit bereaved of gold-gems
       75 She shall oft with others be exiled and banished,
          Since the leader of liegemen hath laughter forsaken,
[102] Mirth and merriment.  Hence many a war-spear
          Cold from the morning shall be clutched in the fingers,
          Heaved in the hand, no harp-music’s sound shall
       80 Waken the warriors, but the wan-coated raven
          Fain over fey ones freely shall gabble,
          Shall say to the eagle how he sped in the eating,
          When, the wolf his companion, he plundered the slain.” 
          So the high-minded hero was rehearsing these stories
       85 Loathsome to hear; he lied as to few of

{The warriors go sadly to look at Beowulf’s lifeless body.}

          Weirds and of words.  All the war-troop arose then,
          ’Neath the Eagle’s Cape sadly betook them,
          Weeping and woful, the wonder to look at. 
          They saw on the sand then soulless a-lying,
       90 His slaughter-bed holding, him who rings had given them
          In days that were done; then the death-bringing moment
          Was come to the good one, that the king very warlike,
          Wielder of Weders, with wonder-death perished. 
          First they beheld there a creature more wondrous,

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