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Herebeald.—­Eldest son of Hrethel, the Geatish king, and brother of Higelac.  Killed by his younger brother Haethcyn.—­34_43; 34_47.

Heremod.—­A Danish king of a dynasty before the Scylding line.  Was a source of great sorrow to his people.—­14_64; 25_59.

Hereric.—­Referred to as uncle of Heardred, but otherwise unknown.—­31_60.

Hetwars.—­Another name for the Franks.—­33_51.

Healfdene.—­Grandson of Scyld and father of Hrothgar.  Ruled the Danes long and well.—­2_5; 4_1; 8_14.

Heardred.—­Son of Higelac and Hygd, king and queen of the Geats.  Succeeds his father, with Beowulf as regent.  Is slain by the sons of Ohthere.—­31_56; 33_63; 33_75.

Heathobards.—­Race of Lombards, of which Froda is king.  After Froda falls in battle with the Danes, Ingeld, his son, marries Hrothgar’s daughter, Freaware, in order to heal the feud.—­30_1; 30_6.

Heatholaf.—­A Wylfing warrior slain by Beowulf’s father.—­8_5.

Heathoremes.—­The people on whose shores Breca is cast by the waves during his contest with Beowulf.—­9_21.

Heorogar.—­Elder brother of Hrothgar, and surnamed ‘Weoroda Raeswa,’ Prince of the Troopers.—­2_9; 8_12.

Hereward.—­Son of the above.—­31_17.

Heort, Heorot.—­The great mead-hall which King Hrothgar builds.  It is invaded by Grendel for twelve years.  Finally cleansed by Beowulf, the Geat.  It is called Heort on account of the hart-antlers which decorate it.—­2_25; 3_32; 3_52.

Hildeburg.—­Wife of Finn, daughter of Hoce, and related to Hnaef,—­probably his sister.—­17_21; 18_34.

Hnaef.—­Leader of a branch of the Danes called Half-Danes.  Killed in the struggle at Finn’s castle.—­17_19; 17_61.

Hondscio.—­One of Beowulf’s companions.  Killed by Grendel just before Beowulf grappled with that monster.—­30_43.

Hoce.—­Father of Hildeburg and probably of Hnaef.—­17_26.

Hrethel.—­King of the Geats, father of Higelac, and grandfather of Beowulf.—­7_4; 34_39.

Hrethla.—­Once used for Hrethel.—­7_82.

Hrethmen.—­Another name for the Danes.—­7_73.

Hrethric.—­Son of Hrothgar.—­18_65; 27_19.


Hreosna-beorh.—­A promontory in Geat-land, near which Ohthere’s sons made plundering raids.—­35_18.

Hrothgar.—­The Danish king who built the hall Heort, but was long unable to enjoy it on account of Grendel’s persecutions.  Marries Wealhtheow, a Helming lady.  Has two sons and a daughter.  Is a typical Teutonic king, lavish of gifts.  A devoted liegelord, as his lamentations over slain liegemen prove.  Also very appreciative of kindness, as is shown by his loving gratitude to Beowulf.—­2_9; 2_12; 4_1; 8_10; 15_1; etc., etc.

Hrothmund.—­Son of Hrothgar.—­18_65.

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