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[2] R. suggests, ‘Gewat him on naca,’ and renders:  The vessel set out, to drive on the sea, the Dane-country left.  ‘On’ bears the alliteration; cf. ‘on hafu’ (2524).  This has some advantages over the H.-So. reading; viz. (1) It adds nothing to the text; (2) it makes ‘naca’ the subject, and thus brings the passage into keeping with the context, where the poet has exhausted his vocabulary in detailing the actions of the vessel.—­B.’s emendation (cf.  P. and B. XII. 97) is violent.

    [3] B. translates:  Who for a long time, ready at the coast, had
    looked out into the distance eagerly for the dear men
.  This changes
    the syntax of ‘leofra manna.’

    [4] For ‘wunaeth’ (v. 1924) several eminent critics suggest ‘wunade’
    (=remained).  This makes the passage much clearer.

    [5] Why should such a woman be described as an ‘excellent’ queen?  C.
    suggests ‘frecnu’ = dangerous, bold.

[6] For ‘an daeges’ various readings have been offered.  If ‘and-eges’ be accepted, the sentence will read:  No hero ... dared look upon her, eye to eye.  If ‘an-daeges’ be adopted, translate:  Dared look upon her the whole day.



          Then the brave one departed, his band along with him,

{Beowulf and his party seek Higelac.}

          Seeking the sea-shore, the sea-marches treading,
          The wide-stretching shores.  The world-candle glimmered,
          The sun from the southward; they proceeded then onward,
        5 Early arriving where they heard that the troop-lord,
          Ongentheow’s slayer, excellent, youthful
          Folk-prince and warrior was distributing jewels,
          Close in his castle.  The coming of Beowulf
          Was announced in a message quickly to Higelac,
       10 That the folk-troop’s defender forth to the palace
          The linden-companion alive was advancing,
          Secure from the combat courtward a-going. 
          The building was early inward made ready
          For the foot-going guests as the good one had ordered.

{Beowulf sits by his liegelord.}

       15 He sat by the man then who had lived through the struggle,
          Kinsman by kinsman, when the king of the people
          Had in lordly language saluted the dear one,

{Queen Hygd receives the heroes.}

          In words that were formal.  The daughter of Haereth
          Coursed through the building, carrying mead-cups:[1]
[68] 20 She loved the retainers, tendered the beakers
          To the high-minded Geatmen.  Higelac ’gan then

{Higelac is greatly interested in Beowulf’s adventures.}

          Pleasantly plying his companion with questions
          In the high-towering palace.  A curious interest
          Tormented his spirit, what meaning to see in
       25 The Sea-Geats’ adventures:  “Beowulf worthy,

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