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Eofor.—­A Geatish hero who slays Ongentheow in war, and is rewarded by Hygelac with the hand of his only daughter.—­41_18; 41_48.

Eormenric.—­A Gothic king, from whom Hama took away the famous Brosinga mene.—­19_9.

Eomaer.—­Son of Offa and Thrytho, king and queen of the Angles.—­28_69.

Finn.—­King of the North-Frisians and the Jutes.  Marries Hildeburg.  At his court takes place the horrible slaughter in which the Danish general, Hnaef, fell.  Later on, Finn himself is slain by Danish warriors.—­17_18; 17_30; 17_44; 18_4; 18_23.

Fin-land.—­The country to which Beowulf was driven by the currents in his swimming-match.—­10_22.

Fitela.—­Son and nephew of King Sigemund, whose praises are sung in XIV.—­14_42; 14_53.

Folcwalda.—­Father of Finn.—­17_38.

Franks.—­Introduced occasionally in referring to the death of Higelac.—­19_19; 40_21; 40_24.

Frisians.—­A part of them are ruled by Finn.  Some of them were engaged in the struggle in which Higelac was slain.—­17_20; 17_42; 17_52; 40_21.

Freaware.—­Daughter of King Hrothgar.  Married to Ingeld, a Heathobard prince.—­29_60; 30_32.

Froda.—­King of the Heathobards, and father of Ingeld.—­29_62.

Garmund.—­Father of Offa.—­28_71.

Geats, Geatmen.—­The race to which the hero of the poem belongs.  Also called Weder-Geats, or Weders, War-Geats, Sea-Geats.  They are ruled by Hrethel, Haethcyn, Higelac, and Beowulf.—­4_7; 7_4; 10_45; 11_8; 27_14; 28_8.

Gepids.—­Named in connection with the Danes and Swedes.—­35_34.

Grendel.—­A monster of the race of Cain.  Dwells in the fens and moors.  Is furiously envious when he hears sounds of joy in Hrothgar’s palace.  Causes the king untold agony for years.  Is finally conquered by Beowulf, and dies of his wound.  His hand and arm are hung up in Hrothgar’s hall Heorot.  His head is cut off by Beowulf when he goes down to fight with Grendel’s mother.—­2_50; 3_1; 3_13; 8_19; 11_17; 12_2; 13_27; 15_3.

Guthlaf.—­A Dane of Hnaef’s party.—­18_24.

Half-Danes.—­Branch of the Danes to which Hnaef belonged.—­17_19.


Halga.—­Surnamed the Good.  Younger brother of Hrothgar.—­2_9.

Hama.—­Takes the Brosinga mene from Eormenric.—­19_7.

Haereth.—­Father of Higelac’s queen, Hygd.—­28_39; 29_18.

Haethcyn.—­Son of Hrethel and brother of Higelac.  Kills his brother Herebeald accidentally.  Is slain at Ravenswood, fighting against Ongentheow.—­34_43; 35_23; 40_32.

Helmings.—­The race to which Queen Wealhtheow belonged.—­10_63.

Heming.—­A kinsman of Garmund, perhaps nephew.—­28_54; 28_70.

Hengest.—­A Danish leader.  Takes command on the fall of Hnaef.—­17_33; 17_41.

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