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{The survivors go to Friesland, the home of Finn.}

          “Then the warriors departed to go to their dwellings,
          Reaved of their friends, Friesland to visit,
          Their homes and high-city.  Hengest continued

{Hengest remains there all winter, unable to get away.}

          Biding with Finn the blood-tainted winter,
        5 Wholly unsundered;[1] of fatherland thought he
          Though unable to drive the ring-stemmed vessel
[40] O’er the ways of the waters; the wave-deeps were tossing,
          Fought with the wind; winter in ice-bonds
          Closed up the currents, till there came to the dwelling
       10 A year in its course, as yet it revolveth,
          If season propitious one alway regardeth,
          World-cheering weathers.  Then winter was gone,
          Earth’s bosom was lovely; the exile would get him,

{He devises schemes of vengeance.}

          The guest from the palace; on grewsomest vengeance
       15 He brooded more eager than on oversea journeys,
          Whe’r onset-of-anger he were able to ’complish,
          The bairns of the Jutemen therein to remember. 
          Nowise refused he the duties of liegeman
          When Hun of the Frisians the battle-sword Lafing,
       20 Fairest of falchions, friendly did give him: 
          Its edges were famous in folk-talk of Jutland. 
          And savage sword-fury seized in its clutches
          Bold-mooded Finn where he bode in his palace,

{Guthlaf and Oslaf revenge Hnaef’s slaughter.}

          When the grewsome grapple Guthlaf and Oslaf
       25 Had mournfully mentioned, the mere-journey over,
          For sorrows half-blamed him; the flickering spirit
          Could not bide in his bosom.  Then the building was covered[2]

{Finn is slain.}

          With corpses of foemen, and Finn too was slaughtered,
          The king with his comrades, and the queen made a prisoner.

{The jewels of Finn, and his queen are carried away by the Danes.}

       30 The troops of the Scyldings bore to their vessels
          All that the land-king had in his palace,
          Such trinkets and treasures they took as, on searching,
          At Finn’s they could find.  They ferried to Daneland
          The excellent woman on oversea journey,

{The lay is concluded, and the main story is resumed.}

       35 Led her to their land-folk.”  The lay was concluded,
          The gleeman’s recital.  Shouts again rose then,
          Bench-glee resounded, bearers then offered

{Skinkers carry round the beaker.}

          Wine from wonder-vats.  Wealhtheo advanced then
          Going ’neath gold-crown, where the good ones were seated

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