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Arnold, Thomas.—­Beowulf.  A heroic poem of the eighth century.  London, 1876.  With English translation.  Prose.

Botkine, L.—­Beowulf.  Epopee Anglo-Saxonne.  Havre, 1877.  First French translation.  Passages occasionally omitted.

Conybeare, J.J.—­Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry.  London, 1826.  Full Latin translation, and some passages translated into English blank-verse.

Ettmuller, L.—­Beowulf, stabreimend uebersetzt.  Zuerich, 1840.

Garnett, J.M.—­Beowulf:  an Anglo-Saxon Poem, and the Fight at Finnsburg.  Boston, 1882.  An accurate line-for-line translation, using alliteration occasionally, and sometimes assuming a metrical cadence.

Grein, C.W.M.—­Dichtungen der Angelsachsen, stabreimend uebersetzt. 2 Bde.  Goettingen, 1857-59.

Grion, Giusto.—­Beovulf, poema epico anglo-sassone del VII. secolo, tradotto e illustrato.  Lucca, 1883.  First Italian translation.

Grundtvig, N.F.S.—­Bjowulfs Drape.  Copenhagen, 1820.

Heyne, M.—­A translation in iambic measures.  Paderborn, 1863.

Kemble, J.M.—­The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf, the Traveller’s Song, and the Battle of Finnsburg.  London, 1833.  The second edition contains a prose translation of Beowulf.

Leo, H.—­Ueber Beowulf.  Halle, 1839.  Translations of extracts.


Lumsden, H.W.—­Beowulf, translated into modern rhymes.  London, 1881.  Ballad measures.  Passages occasionally omitted.

Sandras, G.S.—­De carminibus Caedmoni adjudicatis.  Paris, 1859.  An extract from Beowulf, with Latin translation.

Schaldmose, F.—­Beowulf og Scopes Widsith, to Angelsaxiske Digte.  Copenhagen, 1847.

Simrock, K.—­Beowulf.  Uebersetzt und erlaeutert.  Stuttgart und Augsburg, 1859.  Alliterative measures.

Thorkelin, G.J.—­De Danorum rebus gestis secul.  III. et IV. poema Danicum dialecto Anglosaxonica.  Havniae, 1815.  Latin translation.

Thorpe, B.—­The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf, the Scop or Gleeman’s Tale, and the Fight at Finnsburg.  Oxford, 1855.  English translation in short lines, generally containing two stresses.

Wackerbarth, A.D.—­Beowulf, translated into English verse.  London, 1849.

Wickberg, R.—­Beowulf, en fornengelsk hjeltedikt, oefersatt.  Westervik.  First Swedish translation.

von Wolzogen, H.—­Beowulf, in alliterative measures.  Leipzig.

Zinsser, G.—­Der Kampf Beowulfs mit Grendel.  Jahresbericht of the Realschule at Forbach, 1881.



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