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          From boasting and bragging of battle-achievements,
          Since the princes beheld there the hand that depended
          ’Neath the lofty hall-timbers by the might of the nobleman,
          Each one before him, the enemy’s fingers;
       60 Each finger-nail strong steel most resembled,
          The heathen one’s hand-spur, the hero-in-battle’s
          Claw most uncanny; quoth they agreeing,


{No sword will harm the monster.}

          That not any excellent edges of brave ones
          Was willing to touch him, the terrible creature’s
       65 Battle-hand bloody to bear away from him.

    [1] B. and t.B. read ‘staþole,’ and translate stood on the floor.

    [2] For ‘snaring from Grendel,’ ‘sorrows at Grendel’s hands’ has been
    suggested.  This gives a parallel to ‘laethes.’  ‘Grynna’ may well be gen.
    pl. of ‘gyrn,’ by a scribal slip.

    [3] The H.-So punctuation has been followed; but B. has been followed
    in understanding ‘gehwylcne’ as object of ‘wid-scofen (haefde).’  Gr.
    construes ‘wea’ as nom abs.



{Heorot is adorned with hands.}

          Then straight was ordered that Heorot inside[1]
          With hands be embellished:  a host of them gathered,
          Of men and women, who the wassailing-building
          The guest-hall begeared.  Gold-flashing sparkled
        5 Webs on the walls then, of wonders a many
          To each of the heroes that look on such objects.

{The hall is defaced, however.}

          The beautiful building was broken to pieces
          Which all within with irons was fastened,
          Its hinges torn off:  only the roof was
       10 Whole and uninjured when the horrible creature
          Outlawed for evil off had betaken him,
          Hopeless of living.  ’Tis hard to avoid it

{[A vague passage of five verses.]}

          (Whoever will do it!); but he doubtless must come to[2]
          The place awaiting, as Wyrd hath appointed,
       15 Soul-bearers, earth-dwellers, earls under heaven,
          Where bound on its bed his body shall slumber

{Hrothgar goes to the banquet.}

          When feasting is finished.  Full was the time then
          That the son of Healfdene went to the building;
[36] The excellent atheling would eat of the banquet.
       20 Ne’er heard I that people with hero-band larger
          Bare them better tow’rds their bracelet-bestower. 
          The laden-with-glory stooped to the bench then
          (Their kinsmen-companions in plenty were joyful,
          Many a cupful quaffing complaisantly),
       25 Doughty of spirit in the high-tow’ring palace,

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