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          Which the second day bringeth, the sun in its ether-robes,
          O’er children of men shines from the southward!”
       50 Then the gray-haired, war-famed giver of treasure

{Hrothgar’s spirits are revived.}

          Was blithesome and joyous, the Bright-Danish ruler
          Expected assistance; the people’s protector

{The old king trusts Beowulf.  The heroes are joyful.}

          Heard from Beowulf his bold resolution. 
          There was laughter of heroes; loud was the clatter,
       55 The words were winsome.  Wealhtheow advanced then,

{Queen Wealhtheow plays the hostess.}

          Consort of Hrothgar, of courtesy mindful,
          Gold-decked saluted the men in the building,
          And the freeborn woman the beaker presented

{She offers the cup to her husband first.}

          To the lord of the kingdom, first of the East-Danes,
       60 Bade him be blithesome when beer was a-flowing,
          Lief to his liegemen; he lustily tasted
          Of banquet and beaker, battle-famed ruler. 
          The Helmingish lady then graciously circled
          ’Mid all the liegemen lesser and greater: 


{She gives presents to the heroes.}

       65 Treasure-cups tendered, till time was afforded
          That the decorous-mooded, diademed folk-queen

{Then she offers the cup to Beowulf, thanking God that aid has come.}

          Might bear to Beowulf the bumper o’errunning;
          She greeted the Geat-prince, God she did thank,
          Most wise in her words, that her wish was accomplished,
       70 That in any of earlmen she ever should look for
          Solace in sorrow.  He accepted the beaker,
          Battle-bold warrior, at Wealhtheow’s giving,

{Beowulf states to the queen the object of his visit.}

          Then equipped for combat quoth he in measures,
          Beowulf spake, offspring of Ecgtheow: 
       75 “I purposed in spirit when I mounted the ocean,

{I determined to do or die.}

          When I boarded my boat with a band of my liegemen,
          I would work to the fullest the will of your people
          Or in foe’s-clutches fastened fall in the battle. 
          Deeds I shall do of daring and prowess,
       80 Or the last of my life-days live in this mead-hall.” 
          These words to the lady were welcome and pleasing,
          The boast of the Geatman; with gold trappings broidered
          Went the freeborn folk-queen her fond-lord to sit by.

{Glee is high.}

          Then again as of yore was heard in the building
       85 Courtly discussion, conquerors’ shouting,
          Heroes were happy, till Healfdene’s son would
          Go to his slumber to seek for refreshing;

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