The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself eBook

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the gold mines of California to be consecrated to the advancement of American civilization, with its religious freedom, personal liberties and sacred literature, the novitiate of Kit Carson was decreed to be wholly of a practical nature.  But while Kit Carson, with his rifle, was thus reared up in character, courage and experience, the same All-wise hand was directing the pathway of a mind, equal to accomplish His call, through all the labyrinths of Science, History and the Arts, endowing that mind with a keenness of intellectual grasp in strange contrast with the practical skill of its future guide.  Those who see no God in nature, no God in events, may batter away at this proposition.  The record of Kit Carson’s future tasks will prove it to be an invincible stronghold of theory.

Kit Carson’s mind had now become well stored with facts and localities which were destined to be made known to the world through his connections with others.  It is not detracting from the merits of any one to assert that, without frontiers-men like Kit Carson, the numerous scientific expeditions which have been sent out by the United States Government to explore the far West would have returned but sorry and meagre records for their employers.  After reading some of the many printed accounts which parties of a more recent date have gathered from their experience while making their way overland to the Pacific, and also the sad fate of some brave men with noble hearts who have fallen a sacrifice upon the altar of science under the fatal blows of hostile savages, attributable no doubt in some measure to bad advice, we can thus more easily form a correct judgment of the hardships which Kit Carson has been called upon to endure and the wisdom or skill which he has displayed in surmounting every obstacle on his wild and solitary pathway.  The hardships which fell to the lot of the “trappers of olden time” also stand out in bolder relief.  Out of the whole catalogue of labors, from which man, to gain an honest livelihood has selected, there is not one profession which presents so many formidable obstacles as that under consideration; yet, it was with difficulty that the mountaineers could wean themselves from their calling even when forced by stern necessity.


Kit Carson is employed as Hunter to Bent’s Fort—­His Career for Eight Years—­Messrs. Bent and St. Vrain—­The commencement of his Acquaintance with John C. Fremont on a Steamboat—­Is employed as a Guide by the Great Explorer—­The Journey—­Arrival at Fort Laramie—­Indian Difficulties—­The business of the Expedition completed—­Return to Fort Laramie—­Kit Carson goes to Taos and is married—­He is employed as Hunter to a Train of Wagons bound for the States—­Meeting with Captain Cook and four companies of U.S.  Dragoons on Walnut Creek—­Mexicans in Trouble—­Kit Carson carries a Letter for them to Santa Fe—­Indians on the Route—­His
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