The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 534 pages of information about The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself.


Kit Carson at his Home—­The Apache Indians become hostile—­An Expedition sent against them—­It is not successful—­Another is organized, with which, Kit Carson goes as Guide—­Two Indian Chiefs captured—­Other Incidents of the Trip—­Colonel Beall attempts to force the Indians to give up Mexican Captives—­Two thousand Savages on the Arkansas River—­The Visit to them—­Kit Carson emigrates and builds a Ranche at Rayado—­Description of the Valley—­The Massacre of a Santa Fe Merchant—­His Wife is made Prisoner—­The Expedition sent to rescue her—­The Indians overtaken—­Bad Counsel and Management—­The commanding Officer wounded—­Mrs. White’s Body found—­Severe Snow-storm on the Plains—­One Man frozen to Death—­Kit Carson returns to Rayado—­The occupation of a Farmer resumed—­The Apaches steal from the Settlers nearly all their Animals—­Kit Carson with thirteen others in the Pursuit—­The Surprise—­A running Fight—­The Animals recovered—­A gallant Sergeant and his Fate—­Kit Carson and Goodel go on a Trading Expedition to meet California Emigrants at Fort Laramie—­Humorous Adventures—­The Dangers that beset the Road to New Mexico—­Hair-breadth Escape—­Arrival at Taos, 322


Kit Carson reaches Home—­Himself and Neighbors robbed by the Apaches—­Major Grier goes in Pursuit of, and recaptures the stolen Stock—­A Plot organized by White Men to murder two Santa Fe Traders for their Money—­The Disclosure—­Kit Carson goes to the Rescue of the Traders—­The Camp of United States Recruits—­Captain Snell with twenty Men joins Kit Carson and they two make the Arrest of Fox—­Gratitude expressed by the Traders—­Money offered but refused—­The Prisoner taken to Taos and incarcerated—­Kit Carson receives a magnificent Pair of Revolvers as a Present from the grateful Traders—­The return to Rayado—­A Trading Expedition to the United States—­The return Journey—­An Encounter with the Cheyenne Indians—­A State of Suspense—­The Deliverance from Danger by a Message sent by a Mexican Runner—­The arrival at Rayado, 361


Kit Carson’s last Trapping Expedition—­He embarks in a Speculation—­His Trip to California with a large Flock of Sheep—­The Method employed by Mexicans in driving Herds and their Dexterity—­Kit Carson goes to San Francisco—­Its wonderful Growth—­Maxwell joins Kit Carson at Sacramento City—­The Lucky Speculation—­The Return Trip to New Mexico and its Adventures—­The Mormon Delegate to Congress informs Kit Carson of his Appointment as Indian Agent—­Kit Carson enters upon the Duties of his Office—­Bell’s Fight with the Apaches on Red River—­Kit Carson’s Interview with the same Indian—­High-handed Measures on the Part of the Apaches—­Davidson’s desperate Fight with them—­The Soldiers defeated with severe loss—­Davidson’s Bravery is unjustly questioned—­Kit Carson’s Opinion of it—­The Apaches elated by their Victory—­Their Imitations of the Actions of Military Men, 389

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