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Edward Moore
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JAN., 1948: 
Series II, No. 4—­Thomas Purney’s Discourse on the Pastoral.  With an
Introduction by Earl Wasserman.

MARCH, 1948: 
Series III, No. 4—­Essays on the Stage, selected, with an Introduction
by Joseph Wood Krutch.

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RICHARD C. BOYS, University of Michigan
EDWARD NILES HOOKER, University of California, Los Angeles
H.T.  SWEDENBERG, JR., University of California, Los Angeles


EMMETT L. AVERY, State College of Washington
LOUIS I. BREDVOLD, University of Michigan
BENJAMIN BOYCE, University of Nebraska
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[Errata Noted by Transcriber: 

Editor’s Introduction and Gamester text: 
  The main character’s name is spelled “Beverly” in the Introduction,
  “Beverley” in the play as originally printed.  This has been left

ACT III, SCENE I:  opening
  STUKELY’S lodgings.
    text reads STUKELEY’S...

ACT V, SCENE VIII:  opening
  Enter STUKELY.
    text reads STUKLEY. ]

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