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Edward Moore
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  Is guilty of the same unnat’ral sin: 
  The study now of every girl of parts
  Is how to win your money, not your hearts. 
  O! in what sweet, what ravishing delights,
  Our beaux and belles together pass their nights! 
  By ardent perturbations kept awake,
  Each views with longing eyes the other’s—­stake. 
  The smiles and graces are from Britain flown,
  Our_ Cupid is an errant sharper grown,
Fortune_ sits on Cytherea’s throne. 
  In all these things, though women may be blam’d,
  Sure men, the wiser men, should be asham’d! 
  And ’tis a horrid scandal, I declare,
  That four strange queens should rival all the fair;
  Four jilts, with neither beauty, wit nor parts,
  O shame! have got possession of their hearts;
  And those bold sluts, for all their queenly pride,
  Have play’d loose tricks, or else they’re much bely’d. 
  Cards were at first for benefits design’d,
  Sent to amuse, and not enslave the mind: 
  From good to bad how easy the transition! 
  For what was pleasure once, is now perdition. 
  Fair ladies, then these wicked GAMESTERS shun,
  Whoever weds one, is, you see, undone.


[Illustration:  Act 5.  The Gamester.  Sc. 4. 
Bev.—­Thou art most friendly to the miserable.
Published Octo. 19, 1776, by T. Lowndes & Partners]

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Series IV:  Men, Manners, and Critics

Sir John Falstaff (pseud.), The Theatre (1720). 
Aaron Hill, Preface to The Creation; and Thomas Brereton, Preface to
  Esther. [#15870]
Ned Ward, Selected Tracts.

Series V:  Drama

Edward Moore, The Gamester (1753). 
Nevil Payne, Fatal Jealousy (1673). 
Mrs. Centlivre, The Busie Body (1709). 
Charles Macklin, Man of the World (1781).

Series VI:  Poetry and Language

John Oldmixon, Reflections on Dr. Swift’s Letter to Harley (1712); and
  Arthur Mainwaring, The British Academy (1712). 
Pierre Nicole, De Epigrammate
Andre Dacier, Essay on Lyric Poetry.


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