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Edward Moore
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Bev. And Jarvis promised payment.

Stu. That must not be.  Tell him I’ll satisfy him.

Jar. Will you, Sir?  Heaven will reward you for’t.

Bev. Generous Stukely!  Friendship like yours, had it ability like will, would more than ballance the wrongs of fortune.

Stu. You think too kindly of me.  Make haste to Williams; his clamours may be rude else.
    [To Jarvis.

Jar. And my master will go home again.  Alas!  Sir, we know of hearts there breaking for his absence.

Bev. Would I were dead!

Stu. Or turned hermit; counting a string of beads in a dark cave; or under a weeping willow, praying for mercy on the wicked.  Ha! ha! ha!  Prithee be a man, and leave dying to disease and old age.  Fortune may be ours again; at least, we’ll try for’t.

Bev. No, it has fooled us on too far.

Stu. Ay, ruined us; and therefore we’ll sit down contented.  These are the despondings of men without money; but let the shining ore chink in the pocket, and folly turns to wisdom.  We are fortune’s children.  True, she’s a fickle mother; but shall We droop because She’s peevish?  No; she has smiles in store.  And these her frowns are meant to brighten them.

Bev. Is this a time for levity?  But You are single in the ruin, and therefore may talk lightly of it.  With Me ’tis complicated misery.

Stu. You censure me unjustly.  I but assumed these spirits to chear my friend.  Heaven knows he wants a comforter.

Bev. What new misfortune?

Stu. I would have brought you money; but lenders want securities.  What’s to be done?  All that was mine is yours already.

Bev. And there’s the weight that sinks me.  I have undone my friend too; one, who to save a drowning wretch, reached out his hand, and perished with him.

Stu. Have better thoughts.

Bev. Whence are they to proceed?  I have nothing left.

Stu. (Sighing) Then we’re indeed undone.  What, nothing?  No moveables? nor useless trinkets?  Bawbles, locked up in caskets, to starve their owners?  I have ventured deeply for you.

Bev. Therefore this heart-ake; for I am lost beyond all hope.

Stu. No :  means may be found to save us.  Jarvis is rich.  Who made him so?  This is no time for ceremony.

Bev. And is it for dishonesty?  The good old man!  Shall I rob Him too?  My friend would grieve for’t.  No; let the little that he has, buy food and cloathing for him.

Stu. Good morning then.

Bev. So hasty!  Why, then good morning.

Stu. And when we meet again, upbraid me.  Say it was I that tempted you.  Tell Lewson so; and tell him I have wronged you:  he has suspicions of me, and will thank you.

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