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Days.         Nine.        Sixteen        Nine.        Sixteen. 
N.  O.      N.  O.         V.  M.      V.  M.
M.         36  38      29  31         56  19      50  31
S.          0   6       0   6          0   7       0   0
Hu.         0   7       0  20          0  25       0   6
B.         13  21      13  13          7  20       7  13
Ho.        25  23      17   0         25  33       0   8
Mo.        57  63      57  56         20  79      20  69
Av.          22  26      19  21         18  31      13  21



Days.        Nine.    Sixteen.      Nine.    Sixteen. 
N.  O.   N.  O.      V.  M.   V.  M.
M.        81  60   75  33      50  56   38  31
Mo.       31  20   25  20      40  53   20  40


A few series of nouns, objects, verbs, and movements dissociated from foreign symbols were obtained.  The material was of the same kind as the words used in the couplet series, being mostly monosyllabic and seldom dissyllabic words.  They had not been previously used with these subjects.  Each series contained ten words or ten objects.  The same kind of precautions were taken as in the couplet sets to avoid phonetic aids and the juxtaposition of words which suggest each other.  The apparatus employed in the couplet sets was used.  The objects in the object series were shown through the aperture.  Visual images were required in the noun and in the verb series.  The noun and the object series were exposed at the rate of one word every 2 secs. (or 20 secs. for the series) for M, S, and Hu, and one every 3 secs. (or 30 secs. for the series) for B, Ho, and Mo.  Only one exposure of the series was given.  At its completion the subject at once wrote as many of the words or objects as he could recall.  Two days later at the same hour he was asked to write without further stimulus as many words of each series as he could recall, classifying them according to their type of series.

The verbs were similar to the verbs of the couplet series.  There was a tendency in the verb series among most of the subjects to make a more or less connected story of the verbs and thus some subjects could retain all ten words for two days.  This was an element not present in the couplet verb series, according to the subjects, nor in any other series, and the subjects were, therefore, directed to eliminate it by imaging each action in a different place and connected with different persons.  The effort was nearly successful, some of the subjects connecting two or three verbs, and others none.  The movements employed ten objects which were uncovered and covered by the subject as in the C set.  The exposure for the verbs and movements was 5 secs. for each word, or 50 secs. for the series.  The tests were the same as in the series of ten nouns and ten objects, but in a number of cases (to be specified in the table) it seemed best to shorten the interval for deferred recall to one day.

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