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As already indicated, four series—­a noun, an object, a verb, and a movement series—­given within a half hour, constituted a day’s work throughout the year.  Thus variations due to changes in the physiological condition of the subject had to affect all four types of series.

Two days later these series were tested for permanence, and in the same way as the tests for immediate recall, with this exception: 

   Post-term interval in A^{13-16} 8 secs.

Thus 11 secs. were allowed for the deferred recall of each term in A^{13-16}.

In the movement series of this set, to avoid hesitation and confusion, the operator demonstrated to the subject immediately before the series began, once for each word, how the movements were to be made.

The A set was given to three subjects.  The results of each subject are arranged separately in the following table.  In the tests the words were required in A^{1-4}, in A^{5-16} the numbers.  The figures show the number of terms correctly recalled out of seven couplets in A^{1-12} and out of five couplets in A^{13-16}, exclusive of indirect association couplets.  The figures in brackets indicate the number of correctly recalled couplets per series in which indirect associations occurred.  The total number correctly recalled in any series is their sum.  The figures in the per cent. row give the percentage of correctly recalled couplets left after discarding both from the number recalled and from the total number of couplets given those in which indirect associations occurred.  This simply diminished the subject’s number of chances.  A discussion of the propriety of this elimination will be found later.  In A^{1-12} the absent terms had to be recalled exactly in order, to be correct, but in A^{13-16}, on account of the greater difficulty of the three-place numbers, any were considered correct when two of the three figures were recalled, or when all three figures were correct but two were reversed in position, e.g., 532 instead of 523. N means noun series, O object, V verb, and M movement series.  Series A^{1}, A^{5}, A^{9}, A^{13} are to be found in the first and third columns, A^{2}, A^{6}, A^{10}, A^{14} in the second and fourth, A^{3}, A^{7}, A^{11}, A^{15}, in the fifth and seventh, and A^{4}, A^{8}, A^{12}, A^{16} in the sixth and eighth columns.



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