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KURVENAL.  Fiends and furies!

(In a burst of anger.)

All are at hand! 
Melot and Mark
I see on the strand,—­
Weapons and missiles!—­
Guard we the gate!

(He hastens with the Shepherd to the gate, which they both try quickly to barricade.)

THE STEERSMAN (rushing in). 
Mark and his men
have set on us: 
defence is vain! 
We’re overpowered.

KURVENAL.  Stand to and help!—­
While lasts my life
I’ll let no foe enter here!

BRANGAENA’S VOICE (without, calling from below). 
Isolda!  Mistress!

KURVENAL.  Brangaena’s voice! (Falling down.)
What want you here?

BRANGAENA.  Open, Kurvenal! 
Where is Isolda?

KURVENAL.  With foes do you come? 
Woe to you, false one!

MELOT’S VOICE (without).  Stand back, thou fool! 
Bar not the way!

KURVENAL (laughing savagely).  Hurrah for the day on which I confront thee!

(MELOT, with armed men, appears under the gateway
KURVENAL falls on him and cuts him down.)

Die, damnable wretch!


MELOT.  Woe’s me!—­Tristan! (He dies.)

BRANGAENA (still without).  Kurvenal!  Madman! 
O hear—­thou mistakest!

KURVENAL.  Treacherous maid! (To his men.)
Come!  Follow me! 
Force them below! (They fight.)

MARK (without).  Hold, thou frantic man! 
Lost are thy senses?

KURVENAL.  Here ravages Death! 
Nought else, O king,
is here to be holden! 
If you would earn it, come on!

(He sets upon MARK and his followers.)

MARK.  Away, rash maniac!

BRANGAENA (has climbed over the wall at the side and hastens in the
Isolda! lady! 
Joy and life!—­
What sight’s here—­ha! 
Liv’st thou, Isolda! (She goes to ISOLDA’S aid.)

MARK (who with his followers has driven KURVENAL and his men back from the gate and forced his way in).O wild mistake!  Tristan, where art thou?

KURVENAL (desperately wounded, totters before MARK to the front).  He lieth—­there—­ here, where I lie too.—­

(Sinks down at TRISTAN’S feet.)

MARK.  Tristan!  Tristan! 
Isolda!  Woe!

KURVENAL (trying to grasp TRISTAN’S hand). 
Tristan! true lord! 
Chide me not
that I try to follow thee! (He dies.)

MARK.  Dead together!—­
All are dead! 
My hero Tristan!
truest of friends,
must thou again
be to thy king a traitor? 
Now, when he comes
another proof of love to give thee! 
Awaken! awaken. 
O hear my lamentation,
thou faithless, faithful friend!

(Kneels down sobbing over the bodies.)

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