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(He tears the bandage from his wound.)

Ha, ha, my blood! 
Merrily flows it.

(He springs from his bed and staggers forward.)

She who can help my wound and close it, she comes in her pride, she comes to my aid.  Be space defied:  let the universe fade!

(He reels to the centre of the stage.)

ISOLDA’S VOICE (without). 
Tristan!  Tristan!  Beloved!

TRISTAN (in frantic excitement). 
What! hails me the light? 
The torchlight—­ha!—­
The torch is extinct! 
I come!  I come!


[ISOLDA hastens breathlessly in.  TRISTAN, delirious with excitement, staggers wildly towards her.  They meet in the centre of the stage; she receives him in her arms, where he sinks slowly to the ground.]

ISOLDA.  Tristan!  Ah!

TRISTAN (turning, his dying eyes on ISOLDA).  Isolda!—­

(He dies.)

ISOLDA.  ’Tis I, ’tis I—­
dearly belov’d! 
Wake, and once more
hark to my voice! 
Isolda calls. 
Isolda comes,
with Tristan true to perish.—­
Speak unto me! 
But for one moment,
only one moment
open thine eyes! 
Such weary days
I waited and longed,
that one single hour
I with thee might awaken. 
Betrayed am I then? 
Deprived by Tristan
of this our solitary,
swiftly fleeting,
final earthly joy?—­
His wound, though—­where? 
Can I not heal it? 
The rapture of night
O let us feel it? 
Not of thy wounds,
not of thy wounds must thou expire! 
Together, at least,
let fade life’s enfeebled fire!—­
How lifeless his look!—­
still his heart!—­
Dared he to deal me
Buch a smart? 
Stayed is his breathing’s
gentle tide! 
Must I be wailing
at his side,
who, in rapture coming to seek him,
fearless sailed o’er the sea? 
Too late, too late! 
Desperate man! 
Casting on me
this cruelest ban! 
Comes no relief
for my load of grief? 
Silent art keeping
while I am weeping? 
But once more, ah! 
But once again!—­
he wakens—­hark! 

(She sinks down senseless upon his body.)


[KURVENAL, who reentered close behind ISOLDA, has remained by the entrance speechless and petrified, gazing motionless on TRISTAN. From below is now heard the dull murmur of voices and the clash of weapons.  The Shepherd clambers over the wall.]

SHEPHERD (coming hastily and softly to KURVENAL). 
Kurvenal!  Hear! 
Another ship!

(KURVENAL starts up in haste and looks over the rampart, whilst the Shepherd stands apart, gazing in consternation on TRISTAN and ISOLDA.)

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