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Morphia habit, treated by rest, etc., 137, 154, 165.

Movements, co-ordinate, in ataxia, 204.
  in paralysis agitans, 231.
  in paraplegia, 223.
  in spastic paralysis, 226. 
  Swedish, 92.

Neurasthenia. Vide Cases.

Nurse, choice of, 53.

Obesity, milk diet in, 128.
  with anaemia, 128.
  with anaemia. Vide Cases.

Ovarian disorders treated by rest, etc., 47.

Paralysis agitans, 231.

Paraplegia, ataxic, 223.
  spastic, 228.

Partial rest, 63.
  schedule for, 64.

Peculiarities of American race, 17, 21, 32.

Phthisis, gain of weight in, 35. 
  Pollock on, 35.

Playfair on nerve-prostration, 12, 150.

Quetelet on gain of weight at different ages, 17.

Rest, 57.
  definition of, 62.
  effects of, on menstruation, 149, 193.
  in ataxia, 203, 210, 230.
  in neuralgia, 58.
  in spinal disease, 58, 197, 230. 
  Jackson on, 58.
  length of, 66, 68.
  mental, 71.
  mode of terminating, 63, 78.
  moral uses of, 69.
  partial, 62.
  reasons for, 61, 70, 182.

Schedule for partial rest, 64.

Seclusion, 50.

Selection of cases, 33, 60.

Soup, raw, mode of making, 139.

Spine, irritable, 163, 178.

Syphilis preceding tabes, 198, 201.

Tabes. Vide Ataxia.

Temperature after electric treatment, 110, 116.
  after massage, 93.

Treatment, season for, 53.
  selection of cases for, 33.

Urinary pigments, changes in, during milk diet, 126.

Weight at different ages, Bowditch on, 17, 23.
  gain or loss of, 14.
  loss of, relation to an anaemia, 15. 
  Quetelet on, 17.



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[Footnote 6:  Statistics (Anthropological) Surgeon-General’s Bureau—­1875.]

[Footnote 7:  This excess of corpulence in the English is attained chiefly after forty, as I have said.  The average American is taller than the average Englishman, and is fully as well built in proportion to his height, as Gould has shown.  The child of either sex in New England is both taller and heavier than the English child of corresponding class and age, as Dr. H.I.  Bowditch has lately made clear; while the English of the manufacturing and agricultural classes are miserably inferior to the members of a similar class in America.]

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