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The important things to be recognized in the treatment of these cases are, first, that rest in proper proportion allows of the patients doing an amount of exertion which, ungoverned, or performed in wrong ways would harm them; secondly, that full feeding is of value, because these disorders are mostly of the character of degenerations and involve failure of nutrition in various directions; and, lastly, that the exactness of routine is of the highest moral and mental as well as physical importance.

Paralysis agitans needs scarcely more than to be mentioned as amenable to the same methods, with small differences in the application of details.  Body movements to counteract the tendency to rigidity in the flexor groups of spinal muscles will be especially useful, as the stiffness of these is one of the causes of displacement forward of the centre of gravity, a displacement which results in the festination symptom usually seen in such cases.  Prescriptions of special exercises for the muscle-masses particularly involved in each instance must be given, remembering that contraction of the affected muscles will to a certain degree overcome their rigidity even at first, and to a still greater extent as the patient reacquires voluntary control.


Acne, caused by massage, 89.

After-treatment, importance of, 79, 195.

Albuminuria, from exercise, 101.

Alcoholism producing fat, 23.

American race peculiarities, 17, 21, 32.

Anaemia. Vide Cases.
  blood-count in, 102.
  diagnosis of, 104.
  effects of massage in, 101.
  fatigue in, 72.

Anaemic obesity, 24, 128.

Asthenia. Vide Cases.

Asthenopia, 67, 145, 149.

Ataxia. Vide Cases.
  bathing in, 204, 212.
  co-ordinate movements in, 204.
  symptoms of, 197.
  treatment of, 197.

Bathing, effects of, 67.
  in ataxia, 204, 212.

Birth-palsy. Vide Cases.

Bleeding, causing increase of fat, 24.

Blood changes from massage, 99, 101, 185.

Bowditch on weight at different ages, 17, 23.

Bright’s disease, a contraindication, 45.

Brown-Sequard’s elixir, 212.

Brunton on effects of massage, 101.

  albuminuria, 183.
  amenorrhoea, 149, 193.
  anaemia, extreme, 184.
  aortic stenosis, 187.
  asthenia, 111, 172, 182.
  ataxia, 216, 218, 220.
  birth-palsy, 226.
  chloral habit, 150, 154, 174, 178.
  hysteria, 76, 114, 154, 157, 160, 165, 181.
  hysteria and neurasthenia, 112.
  hystero-epilepsy, 165.
  kidney, floating, 191.
  morphia habit, 154, 165.
  neurasthenia, 144, 171, 174.
  neurasthenia and pulmonary disease, 149, 160.
  obesity, anaemic, 132, 134.
  paralysis, hysterical, 134, 150.
  paraplegia, ataxic, 223.
  paraplegia, spastic, 228.
  tabes. Vide Ataxia.
  uterine disease and chloral habit, 150, 154.

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