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You hunger for honey that comes from invisible gardens;
Pure, translucent, golden thoughts and feelings and inspirations,
Sweetness of all the best that has bloomed in the mind of man. 
You rejoice in the light that is breaking along the borders of science;
The hidden rays that enable a man to look through a wall of stone;
The unseen, fire-filled wings that carry his words across the ocean;
The splendid gift of flight that shines, half-captured, above him;
The gleam of a thousand half-guessed secrets, just ready to be
You dream and devise great things for the coming race—­
Children of yours who shall people and rule the domain of Texas;
They shall know, they shall comprehend more than their fathers,
They shall grow in the vigour of well-rounded manhood and womanhood,
Riper minds, richer hearts, finer souls, the only true wealth of a
The league-long fields of the State are pledged to ensure this harvest!

Your old men have dreamed this dream and your young men have seen this
The age of romance has not gone, it is only beginning;
Greater words than the ear of man has heard are waiting to be spoken,
Finer arts than the eyes of man have seen are sleeping to be awakened: 
Science exploring the scope of the world,
Poetry breathing the hope of the world,
Music to measure and lead the onward march of man!

Come, ye honoured and welcome guests from the elder nations,
Princes of science and arts and letters,
Look on the walls that embody the generous dream of one of the old men
of Texas,
Enter these halls of learning that rise in the land of the pioneer’s
Read the confessions of faith that are carved on the stones around you: 
Faith in the worth of the smallest fact and the laws that govern the
Faith in the beauty of truth and the truth of perfect beauty,
Faith in the God who creates the souls of men by knowledge and love and

This is the faith of the New Democracy—­
Proud and humble, patiently pressing forward,
Praising her heroes of old and training her future leaders,
Seeking her crown in a nobler race of men and women—­
After the pioneers, sweetness and light!

October, 1912.

[1] Read at the Dedication of the Rice Institute, Houston, Texas,
    October, 1912.




June 30, 1910


  All day long in the city’s canyon-street,
    With its populous cliffs alive on either side,
    I saw a river of marching men like a tide
  Flowing after the flag:  and the rhythmic beat
    Of the drums, and the bugles’ resonant blare
  Metred the tramp, tramp, tramp of a myriad feet,
  While the red-white-and-blue was fluttering everywhere,
  And the heart of the crowd kept time to a martial air: 

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